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Can the website sharing billions of photos be cracked?

How Instagram password cracker works?

Instagram, which counts, like their parent company Facebook, billion of registered users is not safe from being cracked. Several stars and influencers got their Instagram account hacked. Either by competitors or by jealous people. Some have more than 10 million followers, it's a figure that makes your head spin!

PASS DECRYPTOR is a tool developed by a group of IT experts allowing anyone to decode an INSTAGRAM password. Once this application is installed on the device and from an email, a phone number or a login ID, it will be able to display the password corresponding to the account on your screen.

Hack an Instagram password account
This INSTAGRAM hacker shows you
how to hack password
(works also with a phone number or a login ID).

PASS DECRYPTOR connects to the databases containing the passwords lists of INSTAGRAM accounts and it will be able to extract the requested information from there. In addition, even if the account is protected with double authentication (2FA), this will in no way prevent PASS DERYPTOR from decrypting the password.

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How hackers crack Instagram passwords?

6 million Instagram profiles had been cracked by an anonymous hacker group. These accounts are subsequently sold on forums or DarkWeb for only a few dollars.

Buyers will use it to spy on the owner users of the account or they will simply send advertising for drugs or other... Or even worse, they will ask the money to subscribers by making them believe that they had a very serious problem. Generally it is the countries of Africa that uses this method, they are handed large sum money, some are able to withdraw $700,000 per year! It's a big sum of money when you see that a cracked Instagram account only costs 3 or 4 $.

There are 2 possibilities for a hacker to get Instagram accounts, either he buys it on the black market or he himself crack the Instagram account.

Most used methods:

Hackers will use a whole bunch of simple but effective tools like:
- fake login page
- directories
- IP address simulators to foil 2-factor authentication
- spoof the phone number to receive the SMS connection from the "forgotten password" option

Instagram tries by all means to fix security bugs but hackers are always one step ahead. They all work as a team and sometimes exchanged or sold the tools used to hack Instagram.

The most easiest and faster solution is PASS DECRYPTOR, just click on the install button to have your Instagram password in the next minutes...


Instagram password cracker