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How password cracker for MSN works?

When we consult our mailboxes, we are far from suspecting that a hacker can consult them at the same time as us.

Behind the screen, users feel safe and do not perceive the danger on the Internet. Yet a networked computer is extremely vulnerable. It's the door open to anyone. It seems almost unrealistic, yet every day hundreds of thousands of MSN accounts are cracked.

Hackers can read all your emails and access all your contacts. They can subsequently send them spam, viruses and even pretend to be you! What's the interest? Financial of course! By posing as you, they can make your friends, your family believe that you are in serious danger and that you need emergency financial assistance. This scam is still working, even today.

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This video shows you how to hack a MSN, HOTMAIL or OUTLOOK

People who crack MSN passwords do not just do it for the money, even if this is their main motivation, they also do it to challenge each other. Every year hacking competitions are organized. They challenge each other, they exchange techniques, software that they themselves have done, etc... they are really gifted. Their average age is 20 and some still live with their parents and others sleep in prison...

They understood from a very young age that with a computer and a little imagination that nothing is impossible. It must be understood that an MSN username and password are stored in a database and that with patience, it is always possible to find them even if the data is encrypted. Researchers advise using long passwords as a sentence, while complicated passwords are no longer useful.

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