Twitter password cracker

No security on Twitter password

How password cracker Twitter works?

Many corporate Twitter accounts are cracked.

A website like Twitter saves your password in a database in encrypted hash format. A hash format is also a way to scramble the Twitter password.

Here are some practices that can be used to hack a Twitter account:


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Hacking without malware

Methods of Twitter hacks

There are several hacking methods that do not require the use of malware. Here are some methods:

1 - Hack a Twitter account through password reset

Basically, resetting the password protects a user who, for example, has inadvertently forgotten his login ID. But it is a feature that can be used against the Twitter account owner if the person who decides to hack it knows how to go about it. Indeed, the process is completely similar to the one that must be carried out to recover your password.

This method is simple when you have the target email address. This process will give you the steps to recover a Twitter account.

  1. First, you have to go to the Twitter login page. Then you choose the " forgotten password " tab .

  2. You will be asked to fill in boxes with information that could identify the owner of the targeted account. Most often these are data such as Twitter username, email address or phone number.

  3. Thereafter, do your best to access the mailbox where the email will be sent which will necessarily contain the password reset mail. Through this email, you will be able to access the reset platform automatically and you can log in by providing a new password. Which of course will allow you to hijack someone's Twitter account.

You still have to remember some requirements. If the password reset request technique is not a revolutionary hacking method, it will still be necessary to be able to access the victim's email account for the recovery of the reset email or its number phone. This technique also requires you to know what username the target is using. But with a little commitment and will hackers usually succeed with this method.

2 - Decrypt encrypted credentials

To facilitate the connections to the different accounts that we have, it is not uncommon to save the login credentials so that the application or the browser recognizes us when we try to reconnect later. This means that it is the computer programs that directly integrate data managers of connections such as user names and passwords. To access these, which are generally contained in their manager, you just have to go to the security settings. A dedicated password option will appear in the credential manager. On the other hand, given that the managers can most of the time group together several connection data, it will be necessary to know precisely what is the information you are looking for. Which means you need to know at least the username of the Twitter account.

3 - The Spidering Attack

We're talking about a technique that consists of getting a better understanding of the targeted person. Indeed, those who use this method do their best to better study the target and know their references and tastes. It looks like profiling. Thanks to the information that the hacker will accumulate by observing his victim carefully and thanks to the collection of data, he will try to guess the password used by the victim. The only drawback of this method is the fact that it guarantees absolutely nothing at all. Indeed, since everything is done practically remotely and without any interaction, there is no guarantee that the information collected can be used against the target. However, one who uses Spidering is generally immune to any discovery because it is impossible to link it to hacking in a material way. This is difficult to prove.

4 - Social engineering

It is precisely the hacking of Twitter account that made this technique famous. Indeed, if social engineering had existed for a very long time, it was because of the hacking of several Twitter accounts that it was revealed. In fact, a young hacker who had just turned 18 managed to hijack nearly a dozen Twitter accounts to use it as a way to scam online. The hacked Twitter accounts are in particular those belonging to great personalities such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama or Elon Musk. Following several investigations that have been carried out to understand what could have caused this, it has come to light that several Twitter employees have been victims of hacking on the basis of social manipulation. The hacker used this method to collect information important enough to pull off his masterstroke.

But what exactly is social engineering?

As its name suggests, it is a practice that uses particularly social human relationships in order to gain the trust of one or more people. The objective is to use this trust in order to extract information. Most of the time, the cybercriminal will try to approach more innocuous conversations. During the exchanges, it will gradually extract information which can then be converted into connection data. Instead of asking for the password, for example, it will instead try to find out what information is likely to help you create a good password. The rest is just a question of analysis and data processing. And of course it works and continues to work. In practical terms, social engineering isn't even hacking, it's breach of trust rather than manipulation.

Software methods

Software hack Twitter

1 - Session hijacking

This happens when the user is taken to another login page that takes on the colors and rules of Twitter. Of course, as the latter does not know that he is being tricked, he will enter his identification data in complete confidence. Of course, this data will be harvested and used against him. Most of the time, it is difficult to recognize session hijacking, unless you are a suspicious person by nature. Session hijackings when they are carried out from the modification of a DNS server or from your browser connection, are undetectable.

How could hackers hijack connections?

First there is the technique of poisoning caches. Caches are numerical references that help determine a connection habit with the aim of making it much more flexible and much faster. This is somewhat equivalent with cookies. Even if these do not have the same basic functionalities, they allow a user to be able to easily access a web platform by saving much more time. However, it can also be used against the user. Indeed, it has already happened that hackers recover DNS caches which they will then corrupt by modifying the connection information in order to deceive the servers. Which means that if the user tries to open the Twitter login page on their browser by directly typing the URL, it will be redirected to another platform. And unfortunately there is nothing he can do about it.

There is also the possibility of session hijacking from the WiFi network connection. When a WiFi router is hacked, hackers monitor the traffic first so they can hijack it later. To do this, of course, they need to install malware on the router's management system. This makes it possible to intercept the communication and redirect it to another server.

2 - Hijacking cookies

Cookies are small beacons that allow the website to recognize you when you visit it regularly. Their usefulness becomes apparent when the user is recurrent on a particular web platform. Cookies allow him to stay connected temporarily, while allowing him to visit other Internet sites and return exactly where he was. This means that when you are on an application or when you are on the web directly, cookies allow your browser to know that you are connected and to maintain the connection for a certain period of time. Insofar as you want to return to the platform in question thanks to the cookies, the connection is done very quickly. However, it It is precisely this feature that the hacker exploits in their cookie attacks. Indeed, if he manages to hack and obtain your cookies, he will be able to access the spaces you have previously visited. And even worse, if it proceeds with other tools, it can even collect your personal data and prevent you from accessing your online accounts.

How does he proceed?

Most often, the hacker will use malware to sniff websites or WiFi routers. When the user accesses his Twitter account, he automatically steals the cookies that were generated when the session was opened. Sometimes cookies are stolen after the user clicks on a link sent by the cybercriminal. As in the example of phishing, they can also infect the computer device of their targets when, for example, they visit a website that is not secure or connect to the Internet through a poorly protected WiFi router. .

When the hacker manages to collect session cookies. This gives him the ability to access the latter's account and do whatever he wants. For example, changing the login credentials to prevent the latter from logging in again.

3 - Use monitoring software

Monitoring software is now available to everyone. It is designed to be easily usable by anyone. Which means that even if you're not a hacking expert, you can very easily hack someone with similar software. There are several categories depending on the extent and duration of monitoring. It is even possible today to be able to download software of this type from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If their use is still illegal in certain contexts, surveillance software is generally related to spyware. However, they are lighter and easier to use than traditional spyware, which requires a lot of skill and agility in terms of cybercrime. I' The downside with this computer program is the fact that you have to have physical access to the computer device of the person you are targeting in order to do the necessary configuration. Of course, it will be much simpler when the targeted person is a relative. Otherwise, you will obviously have to opt for the very sophisticated hacking system.

4 - Use a keylogger

Keylogger is a popular computer program that needs to be installed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. When this is done, it can allow its operator to be aware of everything that is typed on the keyboard of the targeted person. This means that if your smartphone or computer is infected with a Keylogger, when you go to log into Twitter when entering your password, the hacker will know exactly which username you entered. This data extractor computer program is quite useful and also very unobtrusive. It allows the hacker to target a specific quality of data. Which makes it much more effective compared to other programs. Most of the time hackers can install it by going behind a Trojan. The physical installation of software on a computer is difficult in the majority of cases of computer hacking, this opportunity therefore allows the hacker to be able to infect their target more simply.

5 - Zombie computers

Hackers will use technology that is still proven to be brute force or by dictionary. When hackers try to hack a Twitter account, they are forced to do so from zombie computers because they have multiple IP addresses. And to make themselves undetectable by Twitter servers, hackers must launch their attacks from multiple computers.

Indeed, the Twitter servers allocate only a few permissions to attempt connections to the profile. After that, the hackers have to enter a captcha code or else they are blocked for some time. For example, if the Twitter password is 8 characters long and using zombie computers, it would take about 200 seconds to hack the Twitter account, or about 3 minutes. However, if the password included lowercase letters and numbers, the same 8-character password would take about 500 seconds to crack.

How to protect your Twitter account from hackers?

Protect Twitter account

First of all, you should know that using a browser to access Twitter is much more risky than using the official application. It is therefore better to do without it. But if you are in a situation where you have no choice, take certain measures:

  • Make sure your browser is updated.
    • Security vulnerabilities should not be allowed to jeopardize the security of your Twitter account.

  • Check browser extensions and remove unnecessary ones.
    • Browser extensions are real sources of malware. When you don't use them or when you don't know where they come from, it's best to get rid of them. More often than not, these same browser extensions are used by hackers to collect your personal data.

  • Do not save your login credentials.
    • It is true that the login manager that browsers offer are useful and practical. However, you should know one thing, security is much more important than that. By registering them, you expose yourself to having these identifiers stolen by other people. Therefore we recommend that you avoid this.

  • Clear cookies after use.
    • Cookies can be used to trace the source and hack into your account. Don't keep them, erase them quickly.

  • Take care of your password.
    • The password is the most important login identifier. Use a unique password for only your Twitter account. You can use password generators if you want to build something solid. Do not use your date of birth or personal information to do so. Hackers are watching you and know what your habits are.

  • Enable two-factor authentication.
    • The layer of security offered by double authentication has many advantages insofar as the social network is the victim of a data leak. It allows you to block hackers if they ever manage to crack your password.

  • If you use the Twitter app, update it regularly.
    • Security vulnerabilities are real gateways for hackers.

  • Ensure the security of your computing device.
    • You must protect it with an antivirus or any other security software that you know. This will prevent malware that can be used to steal your personal data from doing so as it will be blocked. You must also ensure that your computer, your smartphone or your tablet are not accessible to anyone. Indeed, please secure their use with passwords. You may also be able to secure them with biometrics. Fingerprint or facial recognition for example.

  • Regularly think about the security of your Internet connection.
    • This is very important. Therefore, when you want to connect to your Twitter account, for example, do not do it when you are on a WiFi network of which you do not know the origin. Indeed, WiFi networks can be means to hijack your session and even to collect your login credentials. Therefore, avoid public WiFi networks. If you are in a situation where you cannot do without it, protect yourself with a virtual private network. This will increase privacy and prevent your account from being hijacked. There is also the possibility of using a firewall. The recommendation also applies to public computers. Avoid them when trying to log into your account. These are filled with malicious computer viruses. In particular in Internet cafe where the security of connections is not really ensured.