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The possibilities to crack a password

How to password cracker works?

Cracking a password allows access to private user data and therefore their contents.

What exactly are hackers looking for when they want to crack a password? Is this the notoriety? Is it genius? Money? Or just proving they are the best? Well, it could be all of them.

Actually, there are two types of crackers: the good and the bad. These are called whitehats and blackhats.

The whitehats are hacking email box to find the flaws and report them to the owner company of this service. Reporting these bugs allows them to protect and avoid surprises later. Generally, for reporting these problems, the nice hackers are rewarded with a sum of money.

While blackhats only hack to resell the information later. They will try to make a maximum of money and exploit the data of the users. They will warn the company that they hacked into blackmail afterwards.

Find an Outlook password account
This video shows you how to hack a MSN, HOTMAIL or OUTLOOK

Do not believe that these crooks are hidden in dark places, most of them carry out their criminal activities in their living room sitting on their couch. Some steal millions of euros quietly in this rather surreal situation.

They do not have the latest equipment either, a simple computer does the trick! Everything is decentralized, thanks to the cloud and the VPN servers, they can simulate their presence at a place on Earth where they are not. This makes them invisible on the Internet!

Hacking an email address is a breeze if hackers use simple tips like phishing, fake emails... these scams still work perfectly today because people using a computer first trust their hardware and do not imagine for a moment being able to be hacked.

An email with an invitation to edit is being sent to several users as a phishing case. Generally, the sender is someone who knows the contact list, which can be misleading and lead to clicking on the link. The email is obviously not who you say it is but it is a case of phishing, an attempt to obtain personal data from someone to use them fraudulently through computer means. If a contact send you an email in your inbox asking you to open a link containing a Doc file, do not do so.

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