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How to crack a Twitter password?

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Can we crack a Twitter password?

Many corporate Twitter accounts are cracked. Most of the time it is retaliation by groups of political opponents who do not agree with the imposed regime. Indeed, most leaders have Twitter accounts to communicate on the Internet but it is also the best way to crack passwords. It's not interesting for hackers to crack a Twitter password unless it's to annoy account person. Indeed, all that is posted is public, it is difficult to take possession of an account and then contact the friends list to extract money as with other social networks accounts. The only interest of the hackers is to mark opposition messages or to close the account.

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Their techniques are very complex, some do it from a very young age. From a laptop, they will launch thousands of requests per second to try to give up security. This is a bit the same principle as a lock, that we would like to blow up, with the only difference that this time everything is virtual. Despite the fact that there is double authentication, a Twitter account will never be well protected. Just recently, an airline account was cracked indicating that all flights were canceled. A hacker will also want to hack a Twitter account to take revenge on someone, his girlfriend for example. To avoid this, it is best to use a very long password. A sentence with one or two special characters is more effective than a whole bunch of weird characters. Indeed, computers these days are powerful enough to crack passwords in just a few minutes thanks to their embedded dictionary algorithm.

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