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Billion people are concerned

How Yahoo hacker tool works?

To believe the hackers, to crack a Yahoo password is very easy.

In recent times, Yahoo has leaked a lot due to massive piracy. No less than billion accounts were cracked. It's huge when you think about it, especially when it's done by one person. We will reveal how he did it, what techniques did he use and most importantly, what was his purpose for this hacking?

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The methods were very simple, it did not need to use high powered computers or FBI-only software. He obtained the list of employees at Yahoo and he sent them a small email asking them to click on a link. Pretty simple no?

Then, once the victim had clicked on it, he was able to retrieve the credentials information to connect to the private part of Yahoo, which is called the database with all the information about all the users.

All that remained was for our hacker to download the database and resell it.

Unfortunately for him, this little hacker did not bother to protect himself and was quickly unmasked by the investigators. The main one was forgotten and it was fatal for him since he went straight to prison.

For the millions of people involved, all they have to do is change their passwords.