6 Tips to Stay Safe from Internet Piracy

6 Tips to Stay Safe from Internet Piracy

September 11, 2019 Off By admin

Finally, one wonders if it is possible to have access to the Internet without running the risk of being constantly hacked.

Our communications, our habits but still our his history which are frankly at the mercy of the most astute of hackers.

So what do we do?

Here are 6 tips to make sure you don't expose yourself to the risk of internet hacking.

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1 – Hide your IP address

The IP address is the identifier that is attached devices we use when we access the web. Conceal it to go unnoticed on some sites while avoiding the hassle are attached. As a result, there are many ways to do that. for you can use a VPN service. By subscribe, you can IP footprints borrowed from around the world. There are also the most famous anonymization networks are Tor and I2P. They present the advantage of fully or partially encrypting your communications.

2 – Use an alternative search engine

Classic search engines such as Google, or even Bing are often accused of storing our personal data for then monetize them. They exist to counter some recognized services for their privacy of information. Among other times you have "Startpage," "Duckduckgo" or Ixquick.

3 – Use the cloud for secure storage of your data

It is often best to store all of the data on an external server. This allows you to save their integrity, but also to protect yourself from certain forms of attacks such as Ramsonware.

However, if you have to opt for this solution be sure to turn to structures that will offer you the best Highly secure open source solutions. On our side we can tell you buddycloud, Owncloud or Kolab. They will offer you a without having access to the content to give you as they will be encrypted from your terminal.

4 – Gradually migrate to a social network alternative

It is true that we are attached to certain social networks such as Facebook Snapchat or Instagram. However, it is there are some competitors of these social networks who are respectful of the privacy of their use. Example of "Diaspora" super but not not only it can connect to other social networks but also you will gradually migrate his contacts and then finally get rid of Facebook and others.

5 – Encrypt your communications

Several software programs will allow you to decrypt the content of your exchanges via online messaging services. Whether it's your emails, your instant calls or personal data mailings. he There are some phone models that allow for exchanges Encrypted. In particular there is the Blackphone produced by the Swiss company SGP Technologies.

6 – Install protections on your browser

It is essential that your browser is protected by various tools including anti-tracing tools or ad blockers and vulnerabilities such as Adblock Edge, NoScript, Disconnect or NoScript. In addition, you need to be careful about the cookies you accept. Refuse as many cookies as possible, if possible refuse them all.

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