U.S. accused of hacking Chinese group Huawei

U.S. accused of hacking Chinese group Huawei

September 11, 2019 Off By admin

Since last May, Chinese digital giant Huawei has accused Uncle Sam's country of trying to hack it several times.

The objective, he said, was for the government to infiltrate its system to monitor its economic activities.

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the In a statement on 3 September, Huawei said: "The Government of United States has used its political and diplomatic influence to make pressure on other states to ban Huawei's equipment."

the U.S. government, for its part, has not issued any denials either. We've got that he even confirms this accusation. For the government of Donald Trump, the measures taken against Huawei are normal, as it for its justification, the defence of national security. Let us not forget that the US President, very recently, had qualified the Chinese group saying that "This is a threat to national security. ». The obvious idea in the U.S. president is to take the company China hostage in the economic crisis between the United States and the China. Huawei, which suffers every day, continues to complain and each time: "None of the charges laid by the government U.S. have so far been proven. We strongly condemn the efforts U.S. government to discredit Huawei."

According to the Chinese firm's claims the U.S. government use methods legal for the purpose of intimidating and putting pressure on her. Indeed it mentions illegal detentions of its employees, unannounced searches without foundation or arrests at any point. "Searching, detaining and even unlawfully arresting Huawei employees" has become the daily lot of the Chinese giant's entourage.

that aggressive behavior of the U.S. government to the detriment of the Chinese group was all the more pronounced because of the recent scandal the patent theft of a Portuguese researcher by Huawei. Even if the flight denied, the shadow of suspicion still hangs over the Chinese giant that continues to suffer the attacks of the Americans.

concerning the case of the Portuguese researcher, the Chinese group had mentioned that the latter being one of his former employees had wanted to take advantage of the economic to extract money from him. This is all the more understandable given the time it took the researcher to denounce the theft of his patent.

The Chinese company claims to have filed a complaint against the US state because it, in addition to constantly sabotaging its work, has also launched a wave of hacker attacks on its computer system. She said Trump administration officials wanted to infiltrate her intranet network in order to spy on her. However on the Huawei side, no evidence is availabling to support this argument. it's much more like a Donald Trump technique, but to accuse you have to have evidence. The Chinese state, for its part, has not yet made any statements on the issue. We don't think he'd be happy if this case lasted that long. The witch hunt has lasted long enough.

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