7 Tips to Make Your Online Shopping Safely

7 Tips to Make Your Online Shopping Safely

August 18, 2019 Off By admin

Online shopping has always been a talking place. Sometimes they helped us a lot in our usual practices but today there is doubt.

in our article today let's address the key issue that is know how to shop safely online.

1) Pay close attention to offers that you find too enticing.

he it is common to see defiant prices in digital markets competition from physical markets. But don't get me wrong often, these are tactics that aim to lure you into the net of dangerous personalities. But above all, we are not saying that everything low price on the Internet and scam. Often there are real promotions especially for official online shops.

2) Check under which authority the sites you want to make your purchase work on.

in It is recommended that you shop online on a website that responds to the jurisdiction of the state in which you live. Because imagine that you make a purchase from Chinese seller and in the end you have problems, how you intend to solve this problem. if you're good in Europe you're live in France, for example, make your transactions on a website by and in force with the requirements of the European Union. This will help you will cover in many cases and will ensure your defence and protection in disputes that could arise.

3) Please be aware of the terms and conditions of the site's sale.

in indeed, these are the rules that will determine the relationship you have establish and with site administrators. In the event of a dispute, it is one of the first rules that will apply. So take good care to check whether the rules mentioned in the terms and conditions of sale are rules that are applied or that will suit you.

4) Check the legal mentions of the site.

This is the fourth provision to be made in addition to the general terms of use, the legal mentions will allow you to know exactly in what geographical and legal situation you need to locate the website of your transaction. In this way, you will see if the site is reliable or not. If you are not confident about the elements provided by the legal references, you will type in the references you see on a search engine, just to verify their credibility. With this action, you will see if they are not crooks because if this is the case, necessarily in a link that will be offered to you, you will have references. To do so, type the site name and keywords "scam" or "scam." The search engine will charge for the rest…

5) Check the website address on which you want to make the transaction.

in effect even on official websites, we often get especially not the phishing method. Also be careful to check URL of this site.

6) Check exactly what place the seller occupies in the online marketplace.

Indeed it will let us know who is seller, his status, his efficiency, as well as references possible related to it.

7) Please make the final checks when paying the amount.

one once your choice is made at this level, make sure that the payment is made do double-click especially if it is by a means of credit card that you plan to pay the bills. The first click will send you to the page on which is the product ordered, as well as the price to be paid and the way in which it is delivery. The second click will now be to validate the payment.

from in addition, please make sure that the site address starts especially and httpseal and not HTTP syntax. The s of the end is a security protocol.

the the very last piece of advice is that when you use a credit card, you don't should not give more than 4 pieces of information. that is:

  • the credit card number
  • The name associated with the map
  • The date of the card's validity
  • and the three digits of cryptogram to identify the bank card

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