What if the word because we use was already hacked?

What if the word because we use was already hacked?

December 8, 2019 Off By admin

Most recently, the American giant Microsoft conducted an analysis on various databases comprising more than 3 billion active users.

This analysis revealed that tens of thousands of passwords had already been hacked. Worse still, these hacked passwords were still used by users. The U.S. firm counted more than 44 million users of online services provided by Microsoft who were under the threat, out of the three billion identifiers that leaked in the year 2019.

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Those affected have already begun to receive messages from U.S. company's share to inform them not only of the problem they have to deal with, but also to make arrangements for them to necessary to change their password as soon as possible if they do not do not want to suffer the negative consequences of this problem. The urgency in this case and then put.

By taking stock of the word requirements recently, it should be noted that today for the majority of online services, it is required in the wording of the password, that there is has at least special characters, numbers and capital letters and in tiny. So many combinations designed to make the password very complex. Even if this guarantees a strong password, the fact remains that if one the individual's accounts is hacked, the others will surely be vulnerable, because users are on the trend to pick up the same practices from one account to another. Thus, the password may be complex and difficult to guess, if the user's practices do not evolve and doesn't fit, it's only a matter of time before he gets hacked as is the case for these 40 million users of Microsoft services.

What is to be welcomed is the action of Microsoft which, it must be admitted, the first company initiated this approach aimed at verify the identifiers used by users of its services in order to either create accounts or use existing accounts. This has enabled its 40 million people for what are disciplined enough to know that their accounts are not so secure that they Believed.

On the other hand, it will be visible in particular the difficulty a standard user to keep in mind all the passwords that uses it almost everywhere. Not to mention that on the mobile phone or on the platform usually dedicated to mobile devices, passwords in largely memorize. that's who has natures of course to facilitate the hacking its secret codes, and here to compromise platforms and services used by individuals who are not disciplined enough.

So it is advisable to use tools that will allow in some cases to generate fairly complex and unique passwords as well as other that will allow them to safely safeguard them and enable them to use on the platform without having to grab them every time. We're doing it including the password generator and the password manager Pass.

In addition, there are platforms that will allow you to check if your login credentials (email address, password…) we've already been hacked.

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