Apple promises $1 million for whoever hacks its iPhone

Apple promises $1 million for whoever hacks its iPhone

August 11, 2019 Off By admin

Long decried for the vulnerabilities of these devices, the American digital giant Apple has made a very reluctant announcement.

Indeed, at the famous Black Hat event held regularly in Las Vegas, the firm promised a big reward for any reports of flaws that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

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This time, Apple promises the trifle of one million dollars (1,000,000). There was a rumor about it and it was confirmed. This security-fault race program is now open to everyone. Anyone who feels able could have fun analyzing the codebars of all Apple systems (Watch OS, MacOs, icloudOS or iOS).

This program finds its name in the jargon. The Bounty bug, that's what it's called.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this hunt for security has been launched since 2016. It has hither many concerns that the system iOS and was only reserved for the computer security researcher who was hand-picked. Today, everyone can practice to find flaws on all of the giant's operating systems Apple.

In the logic of the firm, one can assume that it wants to anticipate any disclosure of information about its vulnerability to unbeknownst to him, when we know that their system is not deemed to be the safest.

It is recalled that prior to its recent statement, Apple offered between twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000). Gone to a million (1,000,000). Enough to warm up the Heat. But behind this almost extravagant offer, Apple clearly wants to prevent researchers who will discover the flaws in these systems from don't sell them to other people.

In addition, the firm has indicated that it will researchers' disposal of less secure models of his iPhone to give a wider field of our bug searches.

In addition, it would appear that there will be a bonus fifty percent (50%) from the perspective where vulnerabilities will be detected in the vacuum at the beta stage. Also a five-year reward hundreds of dollars ($500,000,000) for the discovery of bugs or flaws to allow a hacker to fraudulently access the data of the users

What should be observed is that this announcement of the American giant has already reached all ends of the community computer science. We are curious to know what he will add for information they will publish online. It is considered to be a very significant gesture. However, there are questions about the deterrence capacity and its impact on illegal hackers who are determined to invest fully in certain illegal activities

For the record, let's remember that earlier this year, Linus Henze, a German hacker, discovered a security flaw on a macOS. If you feel like a fault seeker, don't hesitate, 1,000,000 are waiting for you.

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