What is the key to security?

What is the key to security?

August 11, 2019 Off By admin

Among the strategies unveiled and advised to secure internet access to its accounts, the idea of security keys is a necessity.

Security keys are components of the dual-factor authentication system.

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In some computer systems, the use of Dual-factor authentication requires two steps. First a first validation at the online platform level, then you'll need to confirm validation by a code that will be sent to you by message or email.

From the moment you opted for this type authentication on your platform, you'll be in a setup of a security key. Note that the security key is a tool that plays the same roles as the key to the door.

In fact, once set up, you won't be able to access any of your accounts or application without it. The door will not open step. Once you've entered your login ID, you'll need to use your physical security key

It should also be noted that only a few browsers work with security keys, including Google. If the security key you have is a U2F key, i.e. "Universal Second Factor," if it is compatible, you can use it to access Facebook from an unrecognized device.

Add a key safety, how to do it

To set up your account with a dual-factor authentication security key, you need to use an Android subsystem that will be NFC-compatible and the Chrome browser, the latest version with Google Authentificator Install. In addition, the security key must also be NFC compatible. Once completed, select the gear, go to the bottom of the page, then click "Settings and Privacy" and then "Settings" and finally select "Safety and Connection."

Stay as long as the page and click " Use "two-factor authentication" once this is done, choose " "Security keys" and "Add a security key." And continue to follow instructions that will appear on the screen. If adding your security key goes according to plan. You'll see the name of your key will appear in the key part of security.

Use your security key once set up

If you opt for the authentication system double factor accompanied by the use of a security key, when you try to access Facebook from Google Chrome, place the key just behind the device you are using, especially if you are using a unrecognized for normal use. In the event of a failure, if your key does not doesn't work, make sure you don't already be held by another configuration. If you've already set up an app or texted, it could explain themselves. If you've already set up one of these two methods try to empty your cache and erase your temporary data.

If you've already set it up. Try to restart your mobile phone or device.

If your operating system is Linux, you will be forced to follow this step over to be able to your key.

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