Parental control to secure your children's connection

Parental control to secure your children's connection

August 11, 2019 Off By admin

Parental control is when a system allows parents to restrict the scope of a digital service.

This control is now the real solution available to parents to protect their children from certain content of the Internet, which it must be admitted does not suit them.

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The majority of Internet or television service providers provide additional services of this kind to parents. There are even adaptations for the mobile phone.

The importance of internet parental control is really essential and some software can help you if you are parents to monitor your children's activity on the network. The growing use of parental control is also understanding when we know that web users are getting younger and younger. Eighty-nine per cent (89 per cent) children aged 7 to 12 and sixty-eight per cent of children aged 3 to 6 have access to the internet every week, according to a 2011 aegis Media company. About seventy-five per cent (75 per cent) parents have confirmed that they have used a parental control system. On the other hand, forty-four per cent (44%) it was recognized that they had no idea of the websites or online services their child is using.

Why software parental control?

Parental control is like any control a parent would do over their children. The goal is not to allow everything is not permissive. First it helps to protect the child from not leaving him too much in computer screens. To protect them, to prevent them from spending too much time in front of their computer. To preserve them by preventing them from falling on rather shocking images or videos. Or prevent malicious people from coming into contact with them

What do you mean walking?

Go to legal and safe download platforms. Especially avoid the unknown or questionable site. Download the parental control program, and install it on the terminal you are targeting (family computer, mobile phone) set the password that will run continuously as the terminal will be started. Then set up the control program based on the target person taking into account the child's age and your personal information. In this context, parental control programs allow:

  • Establish time limits to prohibit or restrict access to sensitive web content on certain sites;
  • Reduce access to online games or other programs;
  • restrictions on the seizure of personal information;
  • checking the history of the websites visited.

Either you prohibit access to certain pages referenced by specific keywords that you will establish. Either you design a blacklist of sites that you deem undesirable by their content. In this way, all sites on this blacklist will have their access blocked by the program.

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