Epitech gets hacked

Epitech gets hacked

August 12, 2019 Off By admin

The famous computer school called Epitech is going through a serious problem lately.

Indeed, like many structures, it has been the victim of a leak of personal data. And it's been since midweek.

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It's a known as "Epitek reveal" as "Epitek reveal", precisely one group of activist hackers who want through the broadcast content to put the deplorable living conditions of the students, is the perpetrator of this fraudulent act. Indeed, he had proceeded to publication on social networks of the personal data he has probably stolen. The information was visible on Github, Mega, and Twitter and other websites.

According to the information received, the published data would have been stolen from the network Epitech's IT company.

According to an official at the school named Emmanuel Carli: "This is essentially the data we have to contact students when needed: phone numbers, e-mail. We may not have discovered all the information, but based on our analysis, there are no sensitive documents such as identity papers. »

The information would be made up of personal data such as names, Curriculum vitae, phone numbers and email addresses and not students and members of the administration. seemingly according to the testimony of some students, there are documents personal information are identity cards, educational reports, etc.

It was the magazine "Zataz" that was the first to publish on this information leak. But according to information from management, all students were officially informed of the leak by the school authorities and were asked to take the necessary precautions to avoid suffering the adverse effects of the leak. The school assures that it is doing everything possible to remove the information published on the web at the expense of the real holders.

For now, they claim to sort the data and try to determine how this could have been arrive. The institution has indicated that it has commenced several procedures sanctioning this act. First, one with the National Commission of Computer Science and Freedoms, then, a criminal prosecution near Jurisdiction. We are trying hard to weigh the impact of the problem and extent of damage to direct victims, particularly Students. A special mail address has been set up to listen of all the students.

At the moment, it is completely unknown why the hacker made these publications. Moreover, on Github, the hacker highlighted a kind of student abuse. As a result, Epitech authorities have inferred from this that the culprit may be an ex-collaboration of the institution. It is in these words that the CEO of Epitech explains it: "We are moving towards the hypothesis of a leak orchestrated by a former collaborator who had access to administrative information in the course of his duties. »

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