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Many organizations are trying to hack iPhones. Even if it is almost impossible to hack it, specialized hackers find loopholes.

IOS: iPhone users forced to enter into fraudulent subscriptions

Recently the information was carried that iPhone iOS users therefore, (nearly 3.5 million), would be forced to make subscriptions that do not meet the standards.

Publishers affected by this fraud would use a somewhat fuzzy system to mislead users, who find themselves trapped after trial periods, even when the app is already installed on the phone. "Mobile app publishers are taking advantage of a blurring of the mobile app blinds subscription system to charge for subscriptions after a free trial period, even when the user has uninstalled the app. explains the report by Sophos, a firm specializing in computer security. According to the latter, more than 3 million iPhone users have been deceived by this kind of fraudulent system.

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Applications that are used to fool users and take advantage of the flaws in app blinds subscription systems are named by security specialists Fleecewares. These programs complicate the termination process, therefore forcing the user to pay money at the end of the trial period. Clearly, this is how the processes go in a few words. No matter the operating system, whether the device is iOS or Android, it has allowed app publishers to offer their software for paid or free use. When it is paid for, it comes with a trial period in some cases. And often at the end of the trial, the subscription is automatically activated, prompting the user to subscribe, charging it directly to their account. This is what now allows him to enjoy the application as easily as he wishes. However, "Fleecewares, these fraudulent applications, take advantage of the fact that this system allows app publishers to continue charging users, even when they have uninstalled their smartphone app. Sophos' report notes.

We know, for example, that Apple and Google in their respective app stores give software vendors the ability to design their own subscription and termination procedures. And that is surely the problem. Because if publishers can end the subscription as soon as the user has uninstalled the application of his terminal, there are some who allow themselves to maintain the subscription and continue to charge users even if they no longer use the software concerned. "Some unscrupulous developers take advantage of this system to continue charging users even when they have uninstalled their smartphone app. And while the less greedy were content with a few dollars, the stingiest managed to steal hundreds of dollars from users who had no idea that their trial period had expired and that the paid subscription had gone off. ». Jagadeesh Chandraiah, Sophos' security expert, who is behind the report, explained.

Already last year, the security firm had identified more than 50 Android-powered software that had been installed by nearly 600 million users, applications that carried out the same practices as those described above. And it allowed them to extract huge sums of money from users who got caught in this trap. In general, there are even software that offers only some basic functions such as horoscopes, photo filters, flashlights. On the App store this year, nearly 32 apps have been discovered on this scam. The levy can be up to $400 per year. Jagadeesh Chandraiah advises Android and iOS users in his report to regularly check the subscription settings of the apps that use it. They must check if he had not subscribed to any plan account by mistake. And always under-write before uninstalling a subscription app.

However, it wouldn't be as bad if Google and Apple cleaned up a bit of their app stores. While these app publishers act according to the terms and conditions of this software store, it does cause harm to users. So the intervention of these two giants could be beneficial this level.

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Jeff Bezos hack: Facebook defends its app and accuses Apple

For the American entertainment giant, the hacking of the boss of global e-commerce would be the fault of Apple, the creator of the iPhone.

According to investigations by the authorities, the founding CEO of Amazon was using an iPhone X during the computer attack. Through the voice of an official of Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, the hacking was successful thanks to a security flaw in the phone's operating system. And if the social network points the finger at iOS as responsible for the leak.

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The case made more noise than expected. In some respects, it is utterly understandable to see media coverage, say the over-mediatization of this hacking computer. Jeff Bezos is at the head of one of the world's greatest fortunes and is without a doubt one of the most influential people on the planet. In this soap opera intervenes Arabia Saudi Arabia as being the main protagonist through its prince heir Mohammed bin Salman. But also this case has highlighted major players, i.e. Apple and Facebook, two giants of the digital world worldwide.

Today, we are trying to find out who or if you want to fault who the hacking really took place. According to media reports, the hacking by Jeff Bezos was carried out after he received via the messaging app WhatsApp, an unsolicited video from an apartment number to the Saudi crown prince. He was using an iPhone-branded phone precisely the X. The video we are talking about here was corrupted according to the opinion of the experts.

As such, WhatsApp officials were questioned about the video allegedly received by Jeff Bezos May 1, 2018. the Vice President of Communications and Network Public Affairs Nick Clegg responded to the media, the WhatsApp messaging service was not at fault about the hacking of the Amazon boss. It explains the fact that whatsApp's adoption of end-to-end encryption, which it believes is safe enough to avoid any form of computer hacking. He notes, however, that that the problem could come from the iPhone. For the latter, the system operating the iPhone x used Bezos is definitely the fault of the data leak. "It looks like that something about it, you know, what they call the system operating, has itself worked on the phone (…) something has to be done have affected the phone's operating system. ».

A justification considered by most to be simply 'wobbly'. There is a clear sense of Facebook's willingness to clearing customs from all responsibilities emanating from this case, even if it means giving an explanation rather convincing vagues. The head of Facebook has indicated that he is impossible that the hacking could come from WhatsApp through a video because only the sender and the recipients are able to see the content of the Exchanges. "of a message in transit, because only the sender and the recipient can see it. »

Such an explanation cannot satisfy what follows this news because we remember that in 2019 precisely during the month of December, security vulnerabilities were discovered on the messaging service WhatsApp. However the hypothesis of hacking the phone via an iPhone security flaw is possible especially when we know that there is a computer virus called Pegasus that specializes in this kind of approach. And according to the archives, this computer program has been used several times by Saudi services. Although Saudi Arabia has not always acknowledged its involvement in this hacking.

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Lev Parnas' iPhone 11, 2 months to successfully hack it

The old quarrels between the American digital giant Apple and the US Federal Police THE FBI had to wake up following the shooting in Pensacola.

And of course the same issue of encryption. He even observed a stand in favor of the federal police, Donald Trump the President of the United States and the American Attorney General William Barr. Unfortunately, this forced the company to unlock some phones that belonged to the suspects during the various investigations. But the case risks further tarnishing relations between the two institutions.

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In addition, it should be noted that the FBI did not really need Apple to unlock several phones of its brand. We remember, that a few weeks ago, it was echoed in the media that the FBI had managed to unlock an iPhone 11 without even going through Apple help. And what seems ironic in the story is that one of the iPhones 11 that were hacked by the FBI, there was the property of Lev Parnas, the partner of Rudy Giuliani, one of the important elements of the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, initiated by parliament.

On the other hand the other iPhone 11 belonged to Baris Ali Koch, who was reported something as suspicious in a criminal case. It should be noted that the phone was locked, and that the suspect had refused to provide his password or even to unlock it via Face ID. And as we know, Apple doesn't have a dual key, or even a backdoor to access the terminal's content once locked. However, no device is 100% locked.

Since the beginning of the iPhone, hackers constantly try to find security vulnerabilities to take advantage of it. Either to engage in certain actions emanating from pure piracy to the installation of applications not approved by the Appstore. In addition, even government agencies have attempted and continue to attempt to hack iPhones into questions to obtain information necessary for investigations in other official procedures. And the ease of phone hacking depends on its age. In the context of the Pensacola shooting, the phones used by the suspects were iPhone 5 and iPhone 7, respectively, devices that are much less protected than Apple's latest iPhone 11 product. Indeed, according to Bloomberg, the FBI took nearly 2 months to get to hack and iPhone 11, the one belonging to Parnas.

These latest exploits make specialists say that the FBI is able to hack into any iPhone even the newest. Openly showing that the U.S. Federal Police does not need Apple's consent or assistance. However, a parameter is not negligible. Hacking the iPhone takes too long, and success is never guaranteed at the end of the effort. Another detail is to be specified, the longer the password used to lock iOS, the more difficult it is for the FBI to break it via brute force attack. This makes the iPhone quite complicated for the U.S. authorities.

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IPhone: iVerify, an app to help you identify hacking on your iOS mobile

The iOS ecosystem for Apple is a pretty small environment that only Apple has control over.

This does not usually facilitate the development tool to optimize the phone's performance unlike Android. For this reason it is categorically difficult to find an application to provide a security service that can be satisfactory under certain conditions. However, lately, an app may be able to offer some services that could not have been originally expected on the Apple Store.

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It's a security kit that apparently works on the version 12 of iOS and later. The app is called iVerify. this application according to these publishers would have the ability to detect whether the terminal on which it is installed has been hacked. Application that could be good sure useful because as we know on the Apple store, it does not really exist fairly effective antivirus. For good reason the apple forbids them all.

According to the American giant, the iPhone is designed with all the security measures needed to safeguard the data and user privacy. Indeed, in practice, it is clear that the compartmentalized environment Apple makes iPhones less vulnerable to computer attacks unlike Android mobiles. However, the iPhone system is not all infallible and several cases of data leaks and hacking can be cited as illustrative. But as we know, Apple is making sure that apps that are installed from its official store, runs Sandboxe, to prevent them from being in contact with others applications as well as any other data from the iOS system third-party applications. Allowing only that the apps are installed via the App store still makes more difficult to develop security applications as well as the free user arbiter. "All of this makes life difficult for users who are willing to redouble their efforts to ensure the security of their data, but also for security researchers, looking for loopholes to report. »

However, there is an argument that "anything that makes life easier for ethical hackers also applies to cyber criminals," the firm said. So one wonders what makes iVerify special? This is totally simple, this application works like an anti-piracy scanner and costs relatively less, 4, 50 euros. Its objective is clearly to detect all forms of anomalies as well as their consequences on the phone either by conventional computer attack or by jailbreak. When an anomaly is found on the phone, the user is automatically notified, followed by some tips to follow to regularize the situation of his smartphone. "Jailbreak detection uses lateral channels to extract information outside the sandbox. explained the founder of Trail of Bits.

However, he also states that the sandboxe apps would like to say that it is "difficult to win at this game, because of the configuration of the platform, but this does not that we should not try. ». Asked how iVerify detects hacks, the editor explains: "IVerify regularly scans your device for anomalies, informs you in case of corruption, and provides you with a detailed report on what has been detected and practical advice on how to proceed."

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A security flaw on iPhone that could allow iOS Jailbreaks permanently

Recently it was discovered by a computer security researcher, a huge security flaw on iOS.

This security breach is described as "impatchable." In other words, it may not be possible for Apple to fix it. If this loophole is unstoppable, what was it really about?

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First of all, this flaw concerns the models from the 4S to the iPhone X. The discovery was made by a Twitter user known as axi0mX. The latter introduces himself as an iOS system specialist. The flaw he discovered is a feat of bootrom. The pseudo-researcher calls it "checkm8" which means literally in English "failure and dull."

If the turn seems funny, it should be noted that a real problem is a growing up right now. Hundreds of millions of devices are vulnerable to this security. The good thing is that devices such as XS, XR, 11, 11 pro models are not affected by this problem.

The feat as defined by the researcher, of the type Bootrom, simply means that it draws its source from a flaw security code for iOS-type devices. And this fault charges as soon as the devices start. The concern being stored in a RAM (ROM), it cannot then be patched by a simple software update. In addition it could be, according to the information experts that this loophole cannot at the moment allow for a Full Jailbreak. Let's say it's an option for developers for their allow you to perform fairly delicate tasks such as deciphering AES engine or the unloading of secureROM.

We know that in the old days there were several developer communities that specialized in jailbreaking devices Ios. But for some time now with the huge premium offered by Apple for discovery of security breaches ($1 million), many researchers no longer want to publish their findings.

If, on the other hand, we try to to reassure by saying that this time it is not yet usable for to develop Jailbreak tools, there is no denying that the discovery of a such a flaw raises a real major security problem.

Indeed, hackers with a ill will could use a such openness to access aspects that until now had been such as iPhone iCloud accounts for example. One imagines by example that they will be able to benefit easily of this kind of flaw. Automatically to phone thieves Apple brand or people who have found iPhones lost by their owners. In this way, he would have full access to the content of the phone but also at the account that allow users to take advantage of Apple's environment services.

So of course we expect a solution proposal from the American firm. For if it is really impossible to repair this fault remotely via a simple security patch, it is still condemned millions of people to have above their heads exposed to the sword of Damocles.

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