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Hacking Instagram is every blackhat hacker's dream. Lots of celebrities have had their Instagram passwords hacked.

Social network: Instagram intends to require identification from its users

Almost a month ago, Facebook and Instagram deleted nearly 1,000 accounts they deemed "unrehension."

This was in response to accusations that social networks were very easy to crack down on fake news.

In a context as the U.S. election is on the way, the American social network Facebook intends to deploy a dedicated information center, which could allow to be informed in real time about the details regarding the organization of the election. Equally, on Instagram, it is expected that this information centre will be present. But that's not all, Facebook's social network intends to extend these information authentication measures. As a result, all accounts that are now subject to suspicious acts will be required to provide identification for authentication.

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"We want the content you see on Instagram to be authentic and come from real people, not from robots or other accounts that are trying to mislead you," the social network tried to clarify in a recent blog post. However, it still tries to reassure its users that these measures will largely target "accounts with a significant number of subscribers from a different country, or those showing signs of coordinated non-authentic behavior or automation (as in the case of bot-driven accounts)".

In other words, the security measure is not extensive or general, but it will target specific accounts in particular. However anything that raises a relevant question. What about data security?

We simply know that if an account refuses to provide identification, under the conditions defined by Instagram, the consequence will be the reduction of the visibility of its posts or even the total deletion. The account may simply be disable. And that's why in July, Facebook and Instagram did not fail to raise having already deleted nearly 1000 accounts of non-authentic character. However, the blog post did not specify whether it had accounts that did not identify the names of people but rather organizations, themes or movements.

In terms of the security of the information that will be collected on this subject, including the identity documents, Instagram reassures as long as this information will be stored under proven security conditions and will be deleted, 30 days later, once the scans are complete.

Are these guarantees sufficient for users. Not sure, knowing that the credibility of Facebook and Instagram are not sufficiently well enough to reassure regarding the protection of personal data of gender, especially since it has been repeatedly challenged through countless scandals and security flaws. Let's not forget that very recently, computer security experts discovered that photos deleted on Instagram and private messages by users did not disappear as much on the social network's servers. They were still kept there. A security flaw that would draw its source from a recent feature that was produced through the general data protection regulation in May 2018, "Download Your Information."

Instagram reportedly leaked some important data for months

It was recently discovered a vulnerability affecting the Instagram platform.

This security breach has unfortunately facilitated the disclosure of certain personal apartment data to users of the social network. Let's talk about the data that would have leaked, we are talking about e-mail addresses and phone numbers. It would appear that user IDs and date of birth were not disclosed.

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the disclosure of data Instagram users would have lasted about 4 months, according to the researcher in computer security that discovered the security flaw. Apart from email addresses and phone numbers there has not really been any other information user-related personal information. According to the data scientist, David Stier, (the researcher who discovered the security and Instagram information): "The source code for some profiles Instagram users was taking the account holder's contact information to each load into a web browser. »

However, the data that was visible as a result of the leak data was not immediately attached to a particular profile, referring here singularly to telephone numbers and addresses. Electronic. If it There is no doubt that phone numbers were used from the app, it would be difficult to link them directly with a user account unless you know personally affected users or use any other illegal methods of course. At the moment, no information from on Facebook's part, Instagram's parent company the real reasons for the data leak. Instagram management didn't want to make statements on the subject.

According to data scientist, millions of accounts could have been affected by this year's privately owned but also by minors. by elsewhere, as the security breach presents itself, it would be possible to hackers, to draw apartment data from users from the site, which will allow them to create a kind of directory virtual, with all the coordinates collected. It could even be that this has already been done.

Indeed On Monday, according to a report that was published, data belonging to million Instagram users were reportedly compiled by a Indian marketing. Unfortunately, this compiled data was found on the an unprotected server. in referring to the terms and conditions of Instagram's use, such actions are totally in violation of the provisions of the latter. That's why Facebook's subsidiary has decided to conduct an investigation into the company's marketing in question called Chtrbox.

According to the researcher who discovered the flaw, the vulnerability has existed since 2018, as it appears that e-mail messages were in the source code disclosed since the year in question. This umpteenth leak still undermines the safety of users of these social networks, which are becoming increasingly essential in the lives of millions of people.

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South Africa star Jennifer d'Od got her Instagram account hacked

Exactly one week ago, precisely on November 18, reality TV star, influencer Jennifer, was the victim of cyber hacking targeting her Instagram account.

During a time of the past week, this star had disappeared from the world of social networks, only to reappear as "ka4p3stalwartisback". Unfortunately for her her Instagram account was hacked by hackers, whose investigations refer to Turkey.

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Let's talk about hacker computers, the perpetrators of the attack. they were totally proud of their exploits and did not fail to manifest their existence by promoting their victim's account. Indeed they allowed themselves to offer their services to fans of the South African reality TV star, offering them piracy services if need be, may matter the individual. To illustrate their skills, the hackers shared a video with Jennifer's fans in which they were seen playing with Jennifer's Instagram profile. He was also publishing private conversations between the victim and other members who participated in a reality game called Occupation Double. but today the publication or the link to access this publication has either been revoked or reported, which is true indeed legitimate.

So far no signs of life regarding the star on Instagram. It is assumed that she is in negotiations with hackers or she is waiting for the reaction of the publishers of the social network. The problem with hacking his account is that his Instagram account was put up for sale by hackers to the tune of $700. The buyer will probably have access to all the data (username, password, email address, phone number, and personal contacts).

At the moment it is not clear how Hackers managed to gain access to his account. However, some people think that it is it would be likely that hackers managed to crack his account by his password. An example more to take into account in the definition of his passwords or even security of these online accounts.

As we know, these kinds of cases are not isolated at all. Every year, several stars or personalities are hacked by hackers who resent their online profiles. Business is profitable, so why not take advantage of it. We remember last year's hacking Of American actress Alba, singer Selena Gomez and the CEO of Twitter. These are all examples of the need to be vigilant about the use of our platforms, as well as the practices we use when we access the internet.

In our case, the authorities are not uttered on any investigation that would be initiated. To believe that the star did not deign to press charges.

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A start-up sanctioned by Instagram for using the personal data of millions of people for marketing purposes

A company allegedly used the personal data of individuals recovered from Instagram.

Several million users of this social network are said to be affected by this illicit misuse of personal data. The diverted data are of different nature consist as follows:

– Names and first names

– dates of birth

– IDs

– Stories

– especially geolocation data.

Instagram didn't wait for the scandal to break before taking sanctions against this company, a startup he described as "trusted partners."

It is true that Facebook, the parent company of Instagram a deployed many measures to strengthen the protection of users' personal data time. But it seems that one of its subsidiaries, which it bought in 2012, did not benefit from this new fitness.

On Wednesday, August 7, following an investigation by the business insider platform, it was revealed that millions of users have been victims of illicit collection their data geolocation from the Instagram account. Other personal information which we cited above were also stolen

The company guilty of this data misappropriation is called Hyp3r, an American start-up in specialization and marketing. It has succeeded illicitly on Instagram to collect geolocation data instagram users – what we do, for example, in identifying a particular restaurant or public square – the bios of the profiles Instagram audiences, user subscriber lists and whether their stories that contain the geolocation data. If the amount of misappropriated personal data is not according to the start-up, which has "a unique database" worth hundreds of millions of consumers," it was concluded, according to several sources, that 90 per cent of the information contained in this database would come directly from the social network. Indeed, the start-up would pump each month for a year about 1 million data Instagram for its marketing use. This collected data was used to develop a marketing targeting plan through the creation of user profiles determined by basing themselves instagram users' interests and travel.

So we are wondering about an essential point. How the start-up has managed to hijack its data and this for so long?

To answer this question, it was answered that it used the so-called scraping, which involves using a particular software to collect a large amount of public data on a social network. In general, this practice is not at all contrary to the law. Because it is used by public institutions or journalists with the intention of conducting investigations or from build a database. clearly the fact of compiling data public services is not at all prohibited. However, Instagram has announced that mass collection of data is contrary to its standards it has strengthened in the wake of the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge analytica case. In addition, it is totally forbidden keep the stories of users who are supposed to disappear even from the 24 hours after their publications. And finally, the real problem with this case is that the start-up is a partner of Instagram. Such a misplaced attitude on the part a partner could have reflected on the the very image of the social network, which is already not glowing. That's why Instagram wanted to sanction Hyp3r for his lack of discipline. like sanction, the start-up was banned from the platform, and Instagram took the measures to ensure that this never happens again.

Finding this sanction a little harsh, the head of the start-up tries to defend his action by noting that Hyp3r: "Always been an authentic marketing company that complies with regulations on the privacy of users and the conditions of use of social networks (…) We never have c[collecté]ontent or information that is not public and accessible to anyone online."

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Those stars who get their accounts hacked.

When we combine hacking with Instagram, the first idea that comes to mind is of course Selena Gomez, the former Disney star and now singer.

Indeed, she is one of the many stars who have had their Instagram account hacked. For the latter has most marked the world because the fatal conclusion of this hack was the publication of a nude photo of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Oh yes imagine. It was really terrible.

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in all, more than 6 million Instagram users have been the victim of a cyberattack dispossessing them of control of their account.

In 2017 Instagram had experienced the biggest hack in its history. The personal data of users who were stolen was put up for sale on the black market of the web. At that time, the finest of the world showbiz had been exposed to this attack. According to cybersecurity firm RepKnight, there were 500 hacked accounts belonging to celebrities such as: "Actors: Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emilia Clarke, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum…Musicians: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Adele, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Harry Styles (ex-One Direction, also actor in the film "Dunkirk"), Ellie Goulding, Victoria Beckham…Sportsmen: Neymar, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Beckham, Floyd Mayweather…" even NASA's account was among those hacked.

the head of Instagram's technology department, Mike Krieger subject: "We have recently discovered a bug that could be used to access email addresses and telephone number even if they were not public. No password or other activity on Instagram have only been revealed repaired this bug, and are working with law enforcement on the issue. Ok we can't determine which specific accounts may have been we think it's a small percentage of Instagram accounts."

6 million users out of 700 million or about 1% of the total subscribers Instagram. If in the lot this seems negligible, it is nevertheless that for seasoned hackers, more than 6 million data personal worth a fortune.

the Daily beast revealed the existence of a database on 31 August 2017 on it was possible to have access to the personal data that had been stolen during the wave of attack on Instagram. This database is referred to as "Doxagram" for only $10 a search. The database Doxagram, it was exposed a sample of about 1000 accounts among those who were hacked. And of these 1000 accounts there were 50 of the most followed on Instagram.

Having involved in investigations into the hacking of Instagram's site Ars Technica, noted: "A search of dozens of usernames, example, showed that they all correspond to real users Instagram, and the profiles of these users are consistent with the numbers associated phone calls (…) The data includes, for example, usernames whose profiles show that they are in Australia, Thailand and Germany. The phone numbers that go with their accounts [in the list hack] contain all the telephone codes corresponding to these countries. »

According to online media research, several hackers were aware of the Instagram breach and all took advantage of it. It was not a group attack. Each pirate had drawn in his own way. They had exactly 12 hours of time before Instagram found a solution to close the breach.

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