Instagram reportedly leaked some important data for months

Instagram reportedly leaked some important data for months

January 23, 2020 Off By admin

It was recently discovered a vulnerability affecting the Instagram platform.

This security breach has unfortunately facilitated the disclosure of certain personal apartment data to users of the social network. Let's talk about the data that would have leaked, we are talking about e-mail addresses and phone numbers. It would appear that user IDs and date of birth were not disclosed.

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the disclosure of data Instagram users would have lasted about 4 months, according to the researcher in computer security that discovered the security flaw. Apart from email addresses and phone numbers there has not really been any other information user-related personal information. According to the data scientist, David Stier, (the researcher who discovered the security and Instagram information): "The source code for some profiles Instagram users was taking the account holder's contact information to each load into a web browser. »

However, the data that was visible as a result of the leak data was not immediately attached to a particular profile, referring here singularly to telephone numbers and addresses. Electronic. If it There is no doubt that phone numbers were used from the app, it would be difficult to link them directly with a user account unless you know personally affected users or use any other illegal methods of course. At the moment, no information from on Facebook's part, Instagram's parent company the real reasons for the data leak. Instagram management didn't want to make statements on the subject.

According to data scientist, millions of accounts could have been affected by this year's privately owned but also by minors. by elsewhere, as the security breach presents itself, it would be possible to hackers, to draw apartment data from users from the site, which will allow them to create a kind of directory virtual, with all the coordinates collected. It could even be that this has already been done.

Indeed On Monday, according to a report that was published, data belonging to million Instagram users were reportedly compiled by a Indian marketing. Unfortunately, this compiled data was found on the an unprotected server. in referring to the terms and conditions of Instagram's use, such actions are totally in violation of the provisions of the latter. That's why Facebook's subsidiary has decided to conduct an investigation into the company's marketing in question called Chtrbox.

According to the researcher who discovered the flaw, the vulnerability has existed since 2018, as it appears that e-mail messages were in the source code disclosed since the year in question. This umpteenth leak still undermines the safety of users of these social networks, which are becoming increasingly essential in the lives of millions of people.

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