Security flaw on Safari: Google lays bare Apple's browser vulnerability

Security flaw on Safari: Google lays bare Apple's browser vulnerability

January 23, 2020 Off By admin

The browser of the American giant Apple was reportedly hit by a certain vulnerability that would affect the security of these users.

The vulnerability would be related to its anti-tracking system. This discovery was made by another American digital giant Google. Researchers at the Mountain View firm were able to detect the safety flaw exposing apple brand users. How do I describe the vulnerability discovered? From a concrete point of view, the security flaw discovered was quite critical, given the Cupertino firm's reputation for preserving the privacy of its customers.

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Because of the vulnerability, users of the terminals that board Safari can be tracked by other people who can handle it (vulnerability). Thus, their behaviors and habits on the Web are at the mercy of hackers. The exact problem with this vulnerability is that it primarily affects the tool built into Safari that prevents users from being tracked down in this way when they are on the Internet, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

Since August 2019, Apple has been informed by the giant Mountain View the existence of the security breach. He also added that Safari users were vulnerable to 5 different forms of computer attacks.

The Financial Times took a closer look at the DiscoverIng Google by reading the report written by these Last. After interviewing an independent computer security expert Lukasz Olejnik, the conclusions are: "You do not don't expect privacy-enhancing technologies to introduce privacy risks Exploited, these vulnerabi[…]lities would allow users to be tracked uncontrollably without their knowledge. ». the researcher will add by what happens next the system on which the Safari browser is based problem because, natively, there would be the tools to make a behavioural analysis of users when they are on the Internet. In this way, by referring to the various security flaws and this native Safari habit of analyzing behavior users, computer security experts have managed to put in place some fingerprint. These fingerprints are affiliated with users without their knowledge and of course allows them to follow and know what they are doing when they connect to the web.

In addition, during the month of December, it appears that Apple has released a security patch to plug the security flaw. Google, for its part, remains flexible about its involvement in fixing this vulnerability "We have been working with companies in the industry for a long time to share information about potential vulnerabilities and protect our respective users […]Our security team has collaborated with Apple on this issue. The technical article simply explains the demonstrations of our researchers, so that everyone can benefit from their discoveries. »

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