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GMail, Google's email solution, is experiencing more and more security problems. ABC, Google's parent company, fixes the flaws while it can. We offer tips to help you protect yourself.

4 Steps to Secure Your GMail Account from Hacking

Today, the security of your GMail account is essential.

The digital platforms we use, applications or other services almost always require our email address. As a result, much of our data is attached to it. From a perspective where we will be hacked by malicious hackers, imagine the catastrophe.

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Hack a GMail account:

It is possible to hack into a GMail account easily with PASS BREAKER software.

From an email address, this software will hack into the database containing the GMail password and display it to you on your screen. Even if it is protected by dual authentication, PASS BREAKER has the ability to hack the account.

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In today’s article, we’ll give you some pretty practical tips to help you keep your GMail address safe.

You have four (4) points that we will discuss with you and describe how to ensure the security of your account.

1. You need to reduce the number of online services that will be able to access your personal data.

As noted above, many services routinely require access or referencing to your GMail account. With each online registration, be sure that you will be asked to address.

In principle this is not a problem in itself because among other things, it is a registration system that is more reliable and provides more protection.

However. If you are using less and less an online service, and this service is attached to your account, it is advisable to remove your access to your personal information. Also, don’t accept any services accessing your account. Especially if you don’t know where it came from or you don’t know it. Spy apps are legion on the web.

2. Change your password as often as possible.

The most important login ID therefore the most dangerous is your password. It will be said that this is the key to your Google account and therefore and all your personal Google data. It is advisable to change it as regularly as possible. Moreover, you know very well that this is information that should not be easily accessed… neither by your loved ones nor by the Unknowns. You will need to learn how to create complex and unusual passwords. Finally, at the risk of repeating yourself, you should never give your password to anyone. If you are in a situation that requires you to do so, change it as quickly afterwards.

3. Always opt for dual-factor authentication.

Two-step validation (2) or dual-factor authentication is one more protective barrier for. Dual factor authentication is singularly wise so often you have to check your emails from a public place. The operation of this security system takes place in two (2) steps; When you log into your Google account via a new device, other than the one you used to use, you’ll be required to have a security code that you’ll receive via SMS on your mobile. In this way, no one but you will be able to access your account. You can also point out to Google that you also use the relevant terminal regularly and the system will make it easier for you.

4. Make sure your GMail account isn’t open to other devices.

To do this check, all you need to do is make you just down your page open from the inbox.

Then you have to click “Details” at the bottom of “Last Activity on the Account.” You will see a window, which will show the entire activity of the account and you will be able to identify, if any, the abnormal presence of any activity. Be vigilant at this level take the time to look. As long as other sessions are open on your Google account click “Disconnect from all other web sessions” at the top of the above-indicated window. You will be totally disconnected from all sessions.

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How do I hack into a GMail account?

Hacking a GMail account is the second most searched and popular account hacking topic on the web.

Can't access your GMail account? Did you lose your password? You want to help a loved one reconnect when they can't. It's simple we'll give you tips that will allow you to hack a GMail account in 3 4-movement times.

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GMail, it should be noted, is one of the most popular digital messaging services in the world. Millions and millions of people use this service for their professional and personal communications. This is one of the best ways to send and receive important messages and files.

The majority of people wanted to know to some extent what another individual is hiding, especially when you are in a relationship. And he would like to know their messages and other personal data. For such situations some GMail account password hacking tools will help you make it easier.

But before you start, you need to understand the legal considerations that such acts might entail. Indeed, it is generally accepted that accessing another person's email account through hacking without their permission is an offence. Our article is submitted to you only for educational purposes.

The GMail service is a very secure terminal. The only way to hack it would be to steal its password from the person you want to hack.

1st method:

PASS BREAKER is the software to hack into any GMail account and this as easily as possible: only the victim's email address is needed!

From this email, the password appears on your device's screen and you'll just have to log in to the GMail account.

PASS BREAKER can even hack passwords with dual authentication protection!

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2nd method:

To get a person's password is pretty simple. Opt for a keystroke recorder.

You can easily find keystroke recorder software that will meet your expectations. Indeed, there are programs that allow to record the keystrokes made on the keyboard of the computer on which they are installed. There are different types of keystroke recorder programs, free or not, with different degrees of stealth in the device. Popular software in this area. Spyrix Free, Keylogger, Actual Keylogger, NetBull, KidLogger, etc.

3rd method:

Another method apart from keystroke recording. It's drawing the password from your target's browser.

Using the browser password manager's search bar, you'll be able to search for "Google."

This is definitely one of the fastest ways to reduce a long list of passwords. Go to the "" entry that corresponds to the target's GMail account address. Then have the account password displayed. To do this, you need to select the password that will be hidden, then click "Show" if you want "Show the password." You may be able to see the administrator password of this computer clearly displayed so that other passwords can be displayed. Finally, you'll just have to write down the password and correct address of the GMail account.

Note: If
your target has opted for a two-factor authentication system, you will also and necessarily need their mobile device. There is no other way to successfully hack a dual authentication system.

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Method to change your password on Gmail

For the sake of security and to avoid any hacking problems, it is advisable to regularly change the passwords of your mailboxes and other accounts on websites. We explain step by step how to change your Gmail password.
This can also be useful if you've forgotten it or can't log in to your Google account.

First of all, note that if you change your Gmail password, the change will also be made for all Google services that you eventually use (Youtube, Google…)

If you know your password

In case you remember your current password, just log in to your Gmail box, and click on the "account setting" tab. Then click "Password." You will then enter your current password before informing the new one twice to make sure you don't make a mistake. That's all!You won't be able to choose a password you've already used in the past year. You can insert capital letters, numbers and symbols (O.K., $, , etc.). It's even recommended for optimal security.Be sure to use an expression known to you alone, which will not be too easy to find for a pirate. So avoid your date of birth, your credit card code, your last name… And try as much as possible to choose a different password for each of your accounts.
Passwords too simple (azertyuio, 12345678, …) you will be refused anyway.
A help and advice page is available to help you find a secure password.

If you've forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your password for one reason or another, it is possible to make a recovery via the page provided for this purpose. All you need to do is follow the instructions so that a new password can be assigned to you.

To go further

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