Helping teleworkers

Helping teleworkers

April 30, 2020 Off By admin

The most vulnerable people today in terms of computer security are workers.

For the most part who will have to work remotely from containment, many do not have much knowledge in the it or computer security sector. On top of that, discipline is a quality that has always been lacking for employees of large and small businesses. A lack of discipline that can surely be explained by an often underlying lack of knowledge of the threats of the sector. With each passing of time, these employees are exposed even more to different types of cyberattacks. It is in this context that some cybersecurity companies help the various most vulnerable structures and often for free. This is also the case for swIDch, a London-based IT security start-up sponsored by Businesswire, for a while offering its services free of charge to companies heavily involved in telecommuting. The goal is to help companies interested in offering better organize and manage the access of their employees who work remotely, and this in a secure way.

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The stress of the coronavirus explosion around the world has been an upheaval for many areas that will have a hard time getting through even after the pandemic. From the beginning, computer security experts have been mobilizing and trying to fill the security problems that will arise. For their part, hackers do not hesitate to try everything as a strategy to succeed their malicious actions. These companies around the world were then forced to adapt and implement new labour standards. And in accordance with these standards, IT teams and any Information System Administrator were required to ensure that employees who were required to continue work remotely had full access to the computer system as required, software and other resources that were originally accessible only internally. The idea was to remain more productive and, if possible, more efficient even outside the company. But these provisions also make these companies vulnerable, as we have pointed out above. In need of a security specialist.

For companies that cannot afford external specialists, this type of offer is timely. Because these companies continue to rely on old authentication methods.Methods that have already been revisited several times by hackers and that are likely to take advantage of the slightest flaw. A fact highlighted by Verizon in its 2019 intrusion report: "corrupt identifiers are responsible for more than 80% of all (data) violations." It is for this reason that the London-based firm's OTAC technology can help and effectively. Indeed, the tool proposed by swIDch allows to generate single-use authentication codes and dynamic to manage access. This technology, even in an environment that is not connected to the Internet, is still able to generate single-use codes. This clearly helps to minimize the area of attacks.

The advantage of such technology is that it is less expensive, because codes alone can identify the employee, so no need for another identifier generator. In addition to this, the London-based security company offers this offer free of charge for 3 months allowing companies with a reduced budget to pass this pandemic milestone in peace. SwIDch founder Chang-hun, a Korean national, said in an interview: "As a cybersecurity startup, we have decided to defeat another terrible virus on your computer in a way that is appropriate to the current circumstances. ».

It should also be noted that the technology proposed by this company was chosen by one of the leading Telecom service providers in Asia to oversee the work of its 25,000 employees. The start-up, for its part, wants to participate in the general effort, to fight the coviD-19 but in its own way like some companies such as SentinelOne, an American firm also specialized in computer security, which offered its services free of charge to health facilities.

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