Companies face different data leaks: how do they organize themselves?

Companies face different data leaks: how do they organize themselves?

March 12, 2020 Off By admin

Today it is clear that cybersecurity is more than just a concept.

It's become a challenge. Businesses are increasing their investment in this sector and the resources that are deployed each year are becoming more and more enormous. And this is understandable because, on the other hand, computer attacks, data breaches and ransoming techniques have also been multiplied for the last 5 years.

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It's for this reason, that the Ponemon Institute, for a data broker (data Irish broker named Experian asked this question to several executives Business and IT Security Managers: "Your company Is it ready to deal with a large-scale data leak? ». Out of 1106 IT security professionals interviewed during the year 2019 57 percent ensured the effectiveness of the response strategy in the event of a data breach. A rate that would be on the rise according to our institute of 8 percent per year.

however I have to tell me that 68% of these same professionals confirmed that resources now allocated to computer security, especially for work malware detection was on the rise in their enterprise. And even several accompanying measures would be taken.

in In addition, about 73% of those surveyed in the security sector stated that they were conducting a regular review of their different processes and conditions for accessing information deemed to be Confidential. On this side, too, there has been an increase of 3% per year. 69 % noted that their formal procedure was to check the history of the suppliers and new employees.

According to The Ponemon Institute "… 56% (up 4 points) say they include the response to the data breaches in their business continuity plans. And 54% report a "high" or even "very high" capacity to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), up from 36% in 2018. Finally, 26% (up 7 points) subscribed to a dark surveillance service web… ».

In spite of all of this, the fact remains that the companies that are exposed, the are even more. In fact, in the year 2019, 63% responsible for security computers in the course of the investigation admitted that they had been victimized at least once a data breach (data breach). During this year more than 1000 files were affected by it was so in computer what falls a record. In addition, attacks on ransomware actually affected nearly 36% of businesses, according to a confirmation of the Experts.

and for this 68 percent recognized in order to recover their system intact. The average amount of ransoms demanded by hackers $6128.

Faced with so-called spear phishing, a method of computer hacking that involves targeting a computer system and bombarding it with fraudulent e-mail, with the aim of corrupting it, only 23% of security officials said they were able to counter it. That's a fairly substantial drop because in 2018 there were 38 percent of them.

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