Cybercriminals and Social Networks: A Combination Not to Be Overlooked for Business Security

Cybercriminals and Social Networks: A Combination Not to Be Overlooked for Business Security

November 4, 2019 Off By admin

Social networks are increasingly presenting themselves as the other gateway for cyber criminals in companies.

Although this phenomenon is not new, the development of security systems and protection protocols has made this increasingly convincing.

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Indeed, the more successful companies are, the more they depend on a much larger network than in their early days. and this need for extension will generally lead them to more intensive use of social networks. As a result, cyber risk increases, as described by cybersecurity firm fireEye.

Using the business relationships that can be created by companies is very effective for cyber criminals in the their intention to create a gateway to your networks. As a result, each connection manifests itself as an opportunity for them. they are constantly trying to break in and be able to access the assets you own. The number companies that are targeted via social networks is growing year-on-year year. And the reasons may vary depending on the attackers and the nature of the companies. We can go from cyber scam to industrial espionage or even sabotage. To carry out their criminal plan, cybercriminals will generally attack employees or any other person at the heart of society. By relying on the negligence of staff business, they could then get in very easily in the network of "cyber-males need entry points and victims of which makes social networks one of the royal ways to access the the company's information system." FireEye Mandiant, a consulting service set up by FireEye. In a recent white paper, experts describe the the most unexpected access points that criminals can then target as they go as companies expand through social networks, their relationships "Knowing these hidden risks is the first step in helping your business to protect its valuable assets, as well as those of its customers partners," they explain in the book.

Therefore, any entry point is a loophole potential security. and unfortunately, it is difficult to admit that our security system is not as foolproof as we would like to believe, especially if the flaw seems so unsoevered: "Awareness is the first step, says the white paper. As decision-makers, you need to be aware of the all potential threat risks and vectors (…) Rather than judging your security strategy based on its strengths, look at its strengths weaknesses," advise the experts.

For example, experts will recommend that companies not overlook the interest they might generate among cyber criminals. Pay attention to the smallest detail, and train staff to adopt better online behavior.

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