Connected gas pumps targeted by cyber criminals

October 2, 2019 Off By admin

Today's gas pumps through connected objects have become one of the new targets for hackers.

Cybersecurity researchers say this is the new sesame for cyber criminals.

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They have become one of the most topical topics on computer security discussion forums. If for some time hackers is more and more interested in connected objects, gas pumps when they are at the head of their interest.

Trend Micro's computer security researchers have discovered this new target that hackers are so interested in. After careful examination of the dark web markets in various languages including Russian, Spanish, English, Arabic and Portuguese. And the Russian market has proven to be one of the most attractive in the field.

These researchers found that in these different markets, smart meters are already being sold and have been modified. This is understandable when we know that in Russia, the legislation obliges any type of electric meter to be a smart meter. In this way, hackers will work to change the firmware of its devices and ensure that users receive cheaper bills than they should pay.

But on the other hand, users of the forums Russians have articles that explain how to hack into gas pumps with tutorials at the base describing the very operation of its tools.

Several articles on how to hack into gas pumps without very frequently published on these forums in different languages but in particular in Portuguese. Some tutorials describe step by step how to go about successfully hack the gas pump.

The risk of this new interest in petrol is great. Indeed, some people can use it for purposes very devastating.

It is said that, like any connected object, gas pumps to be attacked by the denial-of-service technique that will consist for hackers to overload inbound and outbound related services to online pump management.

In their report, Trend Micro researchers explain how hackers can attack the system of gas pumps that are not secure: "There is a a number of other scenarios that could eventually materialize. This includes recognition for knowing the delivery schedule, extortion of blocking the owner's access in exchange for a amount, and even the sabotage of the gas pump by adjusting the limits of the tank to overflow."

We meet when the dangers are real. to protect such a danger, which could threaten the safety not only of users but also of gas pump managers, measures would have to be sufficiently robust. Trend Micro researchers advise: "Operators of these devices should also consider using functions such as VPNs to encrypt traffic and mutual authentication, by which the device and user validate each other before continuing. »

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