Desjardins: Data theft wasn't just about The Canadian bank

Desjardins: Data theft wasn't just about The Canadian bank

December 20, 2019 Off By admin

It was recently discovered that other banks, other than Desjardins, were also victims of data theft, at least are suspected of having been.

This is National Bank and TD Bank. It is employees of its institutions who are suspected of having ordered these misappropriations of information. And these apprehensions are the result of a police investigation, revealed to the press that put the chip in everyone's ear. The investigation involved approximately 4,000 stolen identities. Among the identities that have been used are apartment clients at the 2 hasty financial institutions.

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seemingly the data we are talking about here would have been stolen for 3 years now. Indeed The survey took place from August 2016 to July 2018, which focused on mainly on a network of fraudsters who used stolen identities to others, to make false cards in return that will allow them to to open bank accounts with a view to depositing false cheques and withdraw money fraudulently.

The head of the fraud ring is a former employee of the Bank National. His name is Fred Joseph. he was arrested by his accomplices Nathaniel Thomas, former employee of TD Bank and Marianna Rekkab. The last one is considered as a specialist in finding residential mortgage customers. His work was facilitated by the fact that it was using a tool provided by the bank directly linked to the network. which gave him access to several profiles and identities.

This network of fraudsters is allegedly responsible for approximately 40 acts of fraud, including the amount of $600,000 of approximately $300,000 in losses to banks. National Bank and TD Bank customers, victims were contacted by the latter and have been warned of the problem. TD does not wish to comment on the matter.

In addition, it is clear that this problem, which is becoming more widespread, nevertheless, initiatives have been deployed by the authorities to ensure greater control of customer data from different financial institutions. However, it must be admitted that some proposals are not unanimous. Guy Cormier, Desjardins' boss, said: "Currently, consumers and citizens are sowing their personal data everywhere, in government, in several departments, at their employer,'s at the bank, in the bank, in municipalities, at their Internet provider, at Hydro-Québec and in many, many businesses. We multiply the exposures, we multiply the risks. We need to give each person back control over their data. We have to make sense of it. We need to build a true digital identity in Quebec and Canada. (…) I understand that Desjardins may want to wear the donkey cap, but Desjardins has been transparent, has been clear, has been frank in this matter."

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