Data leaks in 2019

Data leaks in 2019

December 20, 2019 Off By admin

Today we decided to give you a look back at the different data leaks that the computer world observed during this year.

These incidents that continue to challenge us on the importance of computer security and the protection of the data of people who use have computer solutions. The stakes here are high.

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The problem with all this is that despite the different data leaks experienced by large structures, whether public or private, there is a sense that there are fewer measures that have been developed to combat this growing phenomenon. And that's where we realizes that on the side of hackers the effort is also redoubled. here is some data leaks that marked the year 2019.

1- The Mountberg Limited leak

The leak January 2019, when approximately 108 million records from an online casino group called Mountberg Limited. The data disclosed relates to bets that were made by customers of this group of games, then involving personal information about their financial transactions to which they may have been involved, such as deposits or withdrawals. the data had been exposed on an open-access server. He's the researcher named justin Paine. who made the discovery.

2- Canva's escape

As far as Canva is concerned, there has been a leak about 130 million May 2019. For the graphics software in the leak was a huge blow as 139 million users impacted by this. The information that was affected by the leak data were made up of names users, email addresses, real names, addresses, geographical locations and passwords. Of the 139 million people affected by the data, 78 million of them they had linked their Canva accounts to their Gmail account. According to the authorities, the pirate computer data leak had put several data up to the high 932 million users from 44 companies around the world on the dark web

3- Leaking third-party apps from Facebook

As of April 2019, 540 million recordings were leaking through the social network Facebook. In fact  the leak was not really attributable to Facebook itself. But rather to two Facebook apps developed by third parties to the company American. the discovery was made by security experts UpGard. The first database that was exposed came from a company Cultura Colectiva. It had a volume of 146 gigabytes, made up of about 140 million registered including likes, comments, reactions, or even names users and other Facebook IDs, users of the social network. As the second, it came from the "At the Pool" app. And this database also contained information Facebook users' personal photos such as friends lists, facebook centers interest or login credentials.

4- The leak of LinkedIn data – Facebook

We are talking about the biggest data leak of 2019. More than 4 billion records have been exhibited on the web. The discovery was made in October 2019 by computer security researchers Diantchenko and Troia. As usual the data was available on an elasticSearch server, totally at the mercy of anyone visiting the dedicated platform. We are talking about 4TB of computer data that has been exposed. The data belonged to Facebook and LinkedIn users. However, they did not come from these two social networks. Indeed, it was information that had been compiled by data enrichment companies.

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