Will Facebook end the year with another data leak?

Will Facebook end the year with another data leak?

December 20, 2019 Off By admin

One wonders if this will be a way for the American giant to end the year in style, to ironize of course.

At the moment we are not entirely sure, but there is indeed a suspicion of data leakage related to Facebook.

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The US group headed by Mark Zuckerberg has launched an internal investigation to determine if the leak is true. This is due to a report that reports the exposure of a database containing data related to more than 267 million users of the social network.

According to the spokesperson of the American group, it will be "data obtained prior to changes in the past few years. years to better protect people's information. ». in indeed, it would appear that the database concerned here was exposed in open access, on a server Elasticsearch. Worst in all this is that it is available on a forum dedicated to hacking free download. He's a computer security researcher named Bob. Diachenko who made the discovery of the exhibition. The information was given through a ticket published by the latter in collaboration with Comparitech. for cybersecurity researcher: "The data would probably be the result of a illegal scraping operation (automated data extraction from or an abuse of a Facebook API by a Vietnamese group. ». Moreover, if the issue here are mainly from users Americans.

Of all the this data, we can count numbers of phone, apartment login credentials at about 267 million Facebook network users. However, it is remembered that Facebook had taken steps to restriction preventing anyone from accessing the phone numbers of users last year.

According to Comparitech, this information was reach everyone for more than 2 weeks on an unprotected server elasticSearch. This is not the case that after this time has elapsed that access has finally been removed. This is likely to be another a blow for the American giant, which still has to endure the throes of a leakage of data, despite the latter's desire to forget the other scandals that have tainted her image over the past five years.

for the moment we can say that the data that has been put in circulation have been recovered en masse by several groups of computer planets, which surely will prepare their phishing campaign.

For the moment the hypothesis of the leak is not yet proven or accepted by Facebook. One wonders what the reaction of the authorities in charge of monitoring personal data will be. If it is proven that the leak took place before the implementation of the restriction measures developed by Facebook since last year. Maybe the social network can breathe a little. It is not yet known when the results of the investigation will be released.

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