Firefox is the safest and most secure browser

Firefox is the safest and most secure browser

November 27, 2019 Off By admin

According to a study conducted by a German cybersecurity agency, the most secure browser would be Firefox from Mozilla.

Germany's federal computer security agency, known as Bundesamt for Sicherheit in der Informationtechnik, which is freely recognized as BSI, calls Mozilla's Firefox the most secure and modern browser of the past 5 years.

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This follows a study by this government body, which produced a report published last September. This kind of study conducted by the German government agency began in early 2017, the year the first report appeared. The objectives of this study are to collect enough information that will serve as guides and advisors on computer security for the entire federal government as well as other government agencies, not to mention private institutions such as businesses and from there it is important to remember that Firefox will take the pawns to other browsers as the reliable Internet tool for Internet users.

The analysis was done on the 68th version of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Several others participated in the test such as Google Chrome, Microsoft edge 44, Internet explorer of Microsoft 11, thus excluding some operators such as Vivaldi, Brave, Opera Mini and Safari. But by limiting itself to the other browsers tested, the German Federal Agency simply concluded that Firefox held the road better than these direct competitors, especially in the current Internet ecosystem taking into account what others have to offer. "The BSI released these results on the basis of safety criteria of its own. These references are regularly updated to include current security measures that a modern browser should be equipped with. These criteria range from the most simplistic to the most complicated. The spokesman for the German agency said.

He will later explain that one of the criteria that helped to retain Firefox is the management of its interface such as color icons that serve to mark the moments of communication between the user's terminal and a remote server. Moreover, the advantages of the navigation software would then be its automatic support for updates, which would be authentic and obviously verifiable.

In addition, the BSI recognizes that Firefox handles incredibly passwords, because it allows the user in a certain sense to encrypt passwords that will be stored in the manager dedicated to these Last. Also "It gives the manager the ability to delete words pass. But that's not all, it's  removes the browsing history and avoids sending telemetry data. Always according to the BSI, "this browser is very "manageable" and "parameterable" to the extent that the user can block plug-ins, extensions, JavaScript or run the banned list of non-URLs Authorized. »

besides The browser has been programmed in a language that takes supports the protection of battery and heap memory. To add, firefox programmers can produce a security fix within 21 days to fill a fault. 

All these assets did not fail to challenge the experts of the German federal agency in the tests for Firefox at the expense of its competitors who did not meet some of its criteria. However, the German agency puts Google Chrome in second place, which does not only meet 3 criteria. Like what, Google's browser is a serious competitor.

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