Manage the passwords of his social networks!

Manage the passwords of his social networks!

February 10, 2017 Off By admin

Do you love spending time on social media? Facebook and Twitter have no secrets for you? Good: it's true that social networks are unavoidable these days!

But what about managing your passwords? Do you know how to secure and retain them? Do you change them regularly? Check out Password Revelator's many tips!

The first step: choose a complex password on social networks!

We can't say it enough: on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, hacking is very common. And do you know what the first cause of the hack is? A password too simple to hack!

It's simple: if you use "123456", "password" or your date of birth to connect to Facebook or Twitter, know that the hack is never far away!

We advise you today to take an interest in computer security! The first rule is very simple: you need to set complex passwords! On this blog, you'll find many tips to define them easily: it's time to get started! If you wait a little too long, know that you are exposing yourself to a Facebook or Twitter hack!

How do you remember your passwords?

Remember his Facebook password? What an ordeal! Even more so if you follow all the computer security rules and now have a different password for each social network!

At first, we do not advise you to write down your different passwords in an email or in a computer file: if your inbox or computer get hacked, your passwords will end up in the wild!

If you really can't remember them, there are some very clever software that stores your passwords securely.

Do you need to change your password regularly to avoid Facebook or Twitter hacking?

Have you just found complicated passwords for your Facebook and Twitter accounts? That's very good news! But beware: you won't be able to keep them forever! Indeed, it is important to change your passwords from time to time to limit the risk of hacking: once a month, it's perfect!

If you're worried you won't be able to find yourself there anymore, remember that password storage tools exist: they can do you great service!

With these tips, you shouldn't be subjected to a Facebook or Twitter hack: don't hesitate to talk about it around you!

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