Managing privacy on social networks

Managing privacy on social networks

March 27, 2017 Off By admin

If for you, the management of your privacy is of paramount importance, you may be hesitant to register on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. No wonder: you regularly hear stories of private life violations, hacking, viruses…

If you're trying to sign up for a social network, the Password Revelator team advises you to do so. Indeed, if one takes good habits from the beginning, the issue of privacy on social networks is far from being as problematic as it seems to be! Find out what our team explains!

Is it possible to protect your privacy on Facebook or Twitter?

Don't worry: by signing up for Facebook or Twitter, you can still be able to protect your privacy! Just don't create an account without first inquiring.

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Of course, the most popular social networks of the moment have privacy policies that can be of concern. This way, you will not be able to be assured that your personal data is not being resold to third parties. However, a few tricks can help you effectively protect your privacy.

Some tips to apply from the day of registration on social networks!

When you sign up for a social network, we advise you to:

If possible, create an account under a false name or pseudonym: on Twitter, this will not be a problem, on the other hand you should know that Facebook is hunting accounts whose identity of the owner is not transparent …

Use a complex and unique password: this will save you a lot of hacking problems…

Take the time to secure your account: on Twitter, you can only make your account accessible to the people you accept and on Facebook, you can make your posts only available to your friends.

Read social media CGVs before you create an account: it's always better to be informed!

Finally, you should also not do anything stupid on your account: don't use a profile picture that represents you, don't post too personal posts, avoid apps that need to access your account to work, etc.

Managing privacy on social networks: a matter of common sense?

The management of privacy on social networks is above all a matter of common sense.

The only concern: you're not alone on Facebook and Twitter. So remember to ask your friends not to post pictures of you on their personal account. Invite them to secure their social networks and not fall into the trap of hackers!

With some tips from Password Revelator, you'll be able to use social networks without risking having your privacy displayed in the eyes of all!

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