What are the most hacked passwords?

What are the most hacked passwords?

February 10, 2017 Off By admin

Recently, Keeper Security, a computer security company, shared a list of the 25 most used passwords in 2016. You should know that these are also the ones that are most easily hacked. We suggest you take stock of these passwords that are far too simple and common to be sure!

What are the 10 most common passwords?

Keeper Security analyzed 10 million passwords that were made public as a result of data theft. The result of the scan is clear: the simpler and more common the passwords, the easier they are to hack.

Here are the top 10 keywords not to use under any circumstances:

123456: A total of 2 out of 10 Internet users use this password…

Why is it better to avoid using these passwords on social networks?

Do you use one of these passwords on social networks and on your inbox? In this case, it's important that you stop doing it: if you haven't done so yet, you should get hacked soon!

Indeed, hackers know that many people are not aware of computer security. That's why, when they want to hack an account on Facebook or Twitter, they always start by testing the most common passwords: often, it's enough to hack the account!

Our tips for choosing your password!

If you use such a simple password, it's because you're afraid to forget it? Or maybe you don't know how to secure a password?

For heads in the air, there are services that can hold your various passwords for you. But with a little concentration, you should be able to remember it yourself.

Want to secure your password? Here are some tips we invite you to follow:

Choose a password that does not refer to your date of birth, your children's first name or your mother's maiden name: they can be found too easily. Choose a password that makes sense to you, but not to others.
Don't hesitate to use a long password that combines letters, numbers, lower case, capital letters and even special characters.
Some services automatically generate secure passwords: don't hesitate to try them if you're out of imagination!

So, are you ready to give up your outdated passwords?

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