Hacking the Apple Mac, something that seems so easy for some experts

Hacking the Apple Mac, something that seems so easy for some experts

March 7, 2020 Off By admin

Being able to hack into terminals produced by the Cupertino giant is still relevant.

Here we are not talking about The Bounty bug. This time we're talking about hacking the apple laptop. And an opportunity to do it easily. According to a former employee of the US National Security Agency, the NSA, hacking Apple laptops is not something very complicated today. Indeed, in a context of constant development of hacking solutions, several people have undertaken to recycle malware. Among them are old hacking software used to hack the Mac.

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According to Patrick Wardle's explanations, it would be a breeze receiving malware intended to hack Mac OS. It will be enough simply to use viruses that already exist that have been used in the past. The person is interested in hacking MacOS will simply have to change some information that won't take much time. And this has been tested by our cybersecurity expert at several conferences organized for this purpose. If some hackers decide to reproduce their own malware in order to control a terminal, spy on it or infect it with ransomware, others "edit the program to change the address of the command server. ».

The advantage of this process is that it is possible to do so with any type of operating system. The latter will simply need to hijack the program server to take it under its control. Another undeniable advantage of this process, if not misadventure the malware is discovered, the fault will be blamed on its original publishers. Recyclers will be safe and given the opportunity to use their own resources. In addition, this saves a considerable amount of time.

in In addition, if the process is possible for all operating systems, with as the most relevant example, EternalBlue for Windows PCs. our expert highlighted that of MacOS. To make an opening to the tool commissioned by the NSA, EternalBlue, it was used by hackers to launch a very destructive wave of piracy, particularly by the such as WannaCry or NotPetya. To say that reuse malware is not something enough exceptional. This allows this expert to highlight all the dangers all users of terminals, especially Macs. The idea relates a lot more to the Mac because the reputation of security often prevents the American manufacturer to be as cautious as Microsoft for their Windows operating system.

A situation that is supposed to appeal to users, that they should not let their guard down Even if a computer program has been detected, there is nothing to say that it cannot be recycled. This means that the danger remains and will continue to persist. The Macs security conference delivered by the former NSA agent is proof that the most secure terminal it is never enough.

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