Whoever discovered US President Donald Trump's password will not be prosecuted

Whoever discovered US President Donald Trump's password will not be prosecuted

December 24, 2020 Off By admin

This is the story of a man in his 40s who discovered a security breach on the Twitter account of several U.S. authorities.

Especially that of US President Donald Trump. He is of Dutch origin and his name is Victor Gevers. He discovered Donald Trump's password. He then used it to log in on October 16, just to check.

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According to the prosecution in charge of his case, the individual can be classified as an ethical hacker, that is, people who specialize in the discovery of vulnerabilities and who report it to prevent other hackers from taking advantage of it. The prosecutor's office ruled that he had no intention of harming the US president.

The discovery of the password was not so simple. Indeed, according to him he tried several combinations to finally discover the famous password of Donald Trump which was "maga2020", a contraction of his slogan: "Make America Great Again 2020". A password a little far-fetched knowing the ingenuity of hackers.

The vulnerability of the account was discovered before the start of the elections, which was particularly beneficial for the American president. Last October, the ethical hacker explained how he attacked a local media outlet, the Vrij Nederland. This prompted an investigation because cybercrime is severely punished in the Netherlands.

The investigation was entrusted to a "state-of-the-art national police crime team" as the Lower Country Prosecutor's Office served it in a statement. According to the hacker, his action was aimed at testing the security of a password of US President Donald Trump. He wanted to prevent the American president from being hacked as the United States entered the presidential election phase. At no time had he attempted to impersonate the US president when he logged in with his IDs. Indeed he did not make any tweets.

According to the Dutch prosecutor's office, the ethical hacker had simply "attempted to contact the US authorities to alert them to the vulnerability of access to the Twitter account. In these particular circumstances, he cannot be prosecuted.

Warned of the outcome of the investigation, US authorities have literally denied that the hacker may have had access to Donald Trump's account. The US social network also said it did not have any information about any session from outside the White House.

For the time being, if the act of the ethical hacker goes a little unnoticed, it should be pointed out that this draws attention to the importance of knowing how to compose good passwords. No one is therefore immune from computer hacking no matter what social status is the professional position. Not even the American president.

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