IBM's computer security through quantum computing

IBM's computer security through quantum computing

December 26, 2020 Off By admin

Quantum computing now presents itself as the future of technology.

Several large companies around the world began to invest heavily there.

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In a way, quantum computing is expected to bring a lot of innovation in the technology sector, it should be raised from the experts' point of view, that it presents the concern to undermine data security. According to the American company IBM, with the computing power that quantum computers will offer, it will be much easier for cyber criminals to break encryption. It is in this context that she set up the Quantum Safe Cryptography a few weeks ago. The American company advises the entire IT world to prepare for the impact.

In IBM's logic, the solution to the problem that quantum computing can cause is nothing but quantum computing. In the first sense, the first-glance advantage of this new technology is that it will easily solve some of the problems that are obstacles to computer progress. But as a double-edged sword, the aspect of the disadvantages should not be overlooked either. Because, indeed, it does have drawbacks to the use of quantum technology. The most likely of which. Encryption algorithms, like any other operation requiring some computing power, will then be subject to a vulnerability problem. "It promises to solve new problems, overtake supercomputers and be able to be used to easily break encryption algorithms and data security measures.

Indeed, modern encryption is based on the principle of factoring in prime numbers. According to experts, this method is interesting, because for two prime numbers given, regardless of their size, multiplying them together to find their product is easy. Conversely, finding the primary factors of this number is difficult and quickly becomes more difficult as the number to be factored increases. So far, no quick way to solve the problem of prime factors has yet been found. But that doesn't mean it's not possible to design. explains IBM Cloud Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Hillery Hunter. Of course with the quantum computer, arrived at this stage to an expected result is nothing but a matter of time.

IBM in this condition has decided to deploy a technology that will allow encryption that will withstand technological advance in order to counter quantum computing whose possibility of its use in the field of cybercrime is highly likely. The idea of course is to anticipate potential problems that will come naturally with the deployment of quantum computers. This solution from the U.S. company is part of a set of cloud computing services, which will be supported by quantum encryption. New features that will enable IBM cloud partners to improve data security is a better prepare for the future.

"As our reliance on data increases in the hybrid cloud age and the capabilities of quantum computing advance, the need for data privacy becomes even more critical. IBM now offers the most comprehensive approach to quantum security to secure the data available today and to help companies protect their existing data and protect themselves from future threats," said Hillery Hunter. She added: "Security and compliance remain at the forefront for IBM Cloud as we continue to invest in confidential computing and advanced encryption capabilities to help businesses of all kinds, particularly those in highly regulated sectors, secure their data."

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