How do I detect Cryptominage?

How do I detect Cryptominage?

August 26, 2019 Off By admin

Cryptojacking works much like the ransoming technique.

It can also affect companies even though they put a lot of effort into security. Experts say that conventional detection systems cannot be enough to determine whether a Cryptojacking program is activated in our system.

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According to Mr. Laliberté: "The code can hide detection tools that rely on signatures (…) Tools antivirus for desktop don't see them." Also here are some methods to help you.

The formation of the helpdesk team.

The first provision will, of course, be to train the helpdesk team, to detect signs that may herald any Cryptominage. One of the first symptoms is usually the slowness of the terminals. Then the overheating of the system which could cause a more serious human consequence of the CPU failures. "The heat [from excessive use of CPUs could damage and shorten the lifespan of the equipment," says Marc Laliberté. In addition, it was noted that Cryptojacking was easily detectable for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Monitoring network traffic.

The network monitoring solution is in our context a very effective measure. Advised by Mr. Vaystikh who explains that Cryptojacking will be easier to detect when it is carried out on a corporate network rather than in lambadas individuals. He says it's easier for applications dedicated exclusively to well-defined network monitoring.

The security firm SecBi informs that it has set up a detection system that based on artificial intelligence. Agree with the firm's approach SecBi, WatchGuard's security researcher, acknowledges that monitoring network is the best strategy: "By reviewing all web traffic, there is a greater chance of detecting cryptominers."

It is worth noting by elsewhere, different methods of network monitoring that often go as far as monitor and check the activity of each user connected to this network

WatchGuard's M Farral: "If you have a good filter on a server on which you monitor the implementation of external connections, this can be a good way to detect Cryptominage malware."

It also notifies that this method is not flawless too, because there are malware able to get around it.

The inspection of websites.

Mr. Farral said: "The server itself is not the target, but anyone who visits the website is at risk of becoming infected." It is essential to to visit only non-infected sites. But how can I know that this does not either not infected or not.». This is where the idea of inspection comes from websites. Also it is a page that is reserved for security experts computer science. Check the lines of code for each site as well as the suspicious behaviour of digital platforms that have a great deal of access used by web users.

Continuous information.

"A savvy organization needs to keep up to date with what's going on Farral said.

Indeed, it is necessary to always stay informed of the new trends of Cryptojacking. Methods are constantly evolving to adapt to the security measures that are imposed. So being on the page also lets you know how to avoid falling on the spot of this kind of hacking.

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