How do I protect yourself from ransomware?

How do I protect yourself from ransomware?

August 21, 2019 Off By admin

Nowadays many people are increasingly being extorted from money through a sophisticated computer hacking system.

This system is based on the use of software called ransomware or ranciogiciel in French.

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But what exactly is it?

Ransomware is an application or program that allows a hacker to take control of the targeted device and prevent the primary user from accessing it, once this detail is realized, the hacker will demand a ransom from the user to unlock his system. Hence the notion of ranciogic software.

The tactic is simple, hackers usually pass by sending emails that they infect with the program. Once the Open mail, the program automatically installs itself on the target terminal. then we'll give you tips to keep you out of this hacking system, which is becoming more and more popular.

First of all, have used to back up your data.

Indeed this is the best strategy for you directly protect against this kind of piracy. Because if the goal is to you prevent access to the Terminal, and therefore to your data. Once the backups have been made, you are no longer at risk of being on the stroke of this technique. Indeed, as soon as the moment you discover that an attack has hit you. You can do anything simply reset your device to get rid of the software.

avoid absolutely to open emails from unknown recipients.

Indeed, since the first means of accessing your terminal is by email, you have to be careful to all the emails you receive. If it is not important or if it is not known recipient, not security clear the email. Curiosity is often a defect that can prove disastrous Moreover you need to learn how to distinguish between standard and trap emails. Also think about finding strategies recovery of your data.

You'll need to know the extensions of questionable files to not let you.

All the computer files you will receive in taking into account nature will be constituted by extension. Also this can be the MP4 extension for video files – audio where a doc extension for document files especially you real avoid the type of extension such as pif – .com -.bat – .exe – .vbs – .lnk… You'll be wary too surely type extensions. CAB. or scr.

The National Information Systems Security Agency categorizes them as decompression extensions that make it easier to operate malware simulations

Constantly update your terminals.

This is the most given advice for the provisions security of your terminals. Security vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and manufacturers do their best to always offer new fixes. Updates allow you to adopt these patches and protect yourself against potential flaws. Also, make sure you are always aware of the security patches that will be issued by your builders. To conclude a un-updated operating system and an open door for hackers

Use user accounts instead of admin account on your device.

Avoid accessing the Internet from your admin account. The computer has several features that allow you not to navigate with the admin code that primarily manages the terminal. Because of the time privileges available to the admin account. If you are hacked, your computer is at the mercy of your hacker whereas if it is a user account, the scope is limited. This allows you to take certain actions to defend yourself.

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