How do I protect myself from Cryptojacking?

How do I protect myself from Cryptojacking?

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Cryptojacking is a method of computer attack consisting of taking control of a person's computer and mining cryptographic currency.

The takeover of the computer is usually done by sending malware either by email or by phishing. By clicking on the trapped address, the victim of the hack will automatically upload a digital currency encryption code to his device.

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Note that Cryptojacking can also be infected via websites or online advertisements. Once the page is displayed on the victim's computer, the encryption program activates. This method is so sophisticated that the victim almost never realizes it. Because it doesn't stop him from using his computer normally. However victims can observe in some cases the slowing of their machine, or the decline in its performance.

then how to protect yourself from Cryptojacking?

First we must prevent Cryptojacking:

√ This is mainly through the training of users.

for reduce the risks involved when you have an attack by Cryptojacking, companies individuals need to be made aware of the risks involved and the risks methods generally used by cyber criminals – especially when putting emphasis on the most common forms such as phishing or phishing Mailing. According to Marc Laliberté, computer security expert at WatchGard Technologies: "Training will help protect you while technical solutions may fail For him, the phishing technique is and will remain the most common method to infect systems.

√ Second place you have to go through the installation of ad-blockers programs.

The extension installation is also recommended. Because even if the training will be advantageous, it will not be enough to counter Cryptojacking. Especially when visiting websites. "It's not easy to tell users which websites they shouldn't go to," said SecBI co-founder Alex Vaystikh. Thus setting up ad blockers would be one of the most appropriate measures. Also do not forget the anti-cryptominage extensions for websites that are also a real source of malware.

√ Third in terms of prevention measures, you are advised to install antivirus and filtering software on its terminals.

Cryptojacking is a source of malware. Protection applications will certainly be able to determine its malware. And allow you to determine and even detect whether your terminals or websites you visit contain or are likely to contain crypto-miners. Anti-virus vendors are increasingly putting features in their programs to protect themselves from this form of computer attack. Filtering tools are usually addressed to websites and advertisements. Indeed they work much like the classic antivirus except that they will allow you not to load everything and anything on a web page.

√ The fourth preventive measure concerning the use of MDM (mobile device management).

that program controls users' use of their mobile phones and also any other program that could affect that same motive. This alternative is generally recommended for companies to be large or small.

Beyond all the measures we have just detailed, let us simply note that no protection is flawless. As the saying says it still has a flaw in the system. It is for this reason that today, Cryptojacking Insurance systems are gradually beginning to appear. Some firms, such as Coalition, propose to reimburse the losses suffered by companies as a result of this form of computer attack. A classic insurance in the face of computer hacking.

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