Hacking our smartphones is becoming more and more disturbing

Hacking our smartphones is becoming more and more disturbing

August 25, 2019 Off By admin

In recent years, computer attacks on smartphones in particular, those operating on Android, have multiplied.

These differences attack aims at different goals. From espionage to the theft of personal data, all the reasons are considered to attack anyone's motives. The piracy industry is doing well and it is only growing.

the Checkpoint structure, which specializes in computer security and cybercrime conducted a study on the first half of 2019. This study focuses on cyberattacks and smartphone security. According to his report, computer attacks on smartphones would be more than 50% more than in 2018.

Checkpoint explains that this increase in attack on mobile could have with the increase in banking applications, compatible for mobile phones. As a result, it was attracted by the easy gain, and cybercrime turned to money, one of the main reasons for their activity. The theft and resale of bank ID and payment data is one of the most prolific markets in the world of digital crime.

Maya Horowitz, checkpoint's head of intelligence and it threat on ZDnet, said: "The sharp increase in mobile banking malware is correlated with the increasing use of mobile banking applications… The methodology used to distribute malware has also learned from the rest of the industry. Malware manufacturers are now offering their malware for purchase in clandestine forums."

The report noted that malware attacks follow roughly the same protocols, especially those that attack desktop computers. Android mobile malware works in a sub-plane, making detection that is literally impossible. Some forms of Android malware have even been developed with advanced escape techniques in order to remain undetected on infected devices.

And in recent years, new forms of malware are growing to counter Google security. Android's Google Protect, which aims to ensure the reliability of mobile-installed applications, is a big problem for hackers, who are now looking for ways to get around it.

On the other hand, the most widespread on mobiles is the "Triada" software. According to the report Checkpoint, it alone accounts for 30% of recent attacks on smartphones. It is categorized as one of the most sophisticated hacking for Android smartphones. For the little one history this software was discovered preinstalled on 20,000 Android phones low-end.

Computer security researchers believe that as long as users continue to use their smartphones, attacks will continue. Indeed, we must admit that the security of our mobile phones often comes to the fore. Users don't pay much attention to their online practice and habits. As a result, they are continually exposed to any form of piracy. To say that it is not today that the attacks will stop.

They will even increase. "Users need to protect their devices with a comprehensive solution that blocks malware and network attacks, as well as data leaks and identifier theft, without harming the user experience," Horowitz advised.

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