In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, a Czech hospital is the victim of a computer attack

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, a Czech hospital is the victim of a computer attack

March 18, 2020 Off By admin

Like what, hackers choose their moment well.

Even in these times of pandemic, they find time to carry out a computer attack, against a hospital moreover.

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This happened exactly in the city Brno, Czech Republic. The information system has begun to work very strangely. Preventing orders from certain functionality required for several types of interventions. If up to we have no specific information on the nature of the attack at least we know that its impact was serious enough. in because of this attack, several surgical procedures had to be be cancelled for some to refer to other medical units in the especially to The Sainte-Anne Hospital, which is right next to the local media.

The incident forced the authorities to to stop the operation of the hospital's computer network. This has resulted in other branches of the medical unit such as the children's hospital and even the maternity ward.

The media were informed of the attack computer science by a patient and an expert in computer security at the security firm Sucuri. It all started when the hospital employees informed by the advance system automatically for the extinction of computers due to computer security. According to a person present at the at the event, this announcement was made several times. « This message was repeated every 30 minutes. At about 8 a.m., there was another announcement that all operations are cancelled. » gramatik, one of the patients who witnessed the scene, said.

The National Cyber Security Centre Czech Republic, the Czech National Cyber Security Center and the Czechs immediately took up the case. In collaboration with the ensemble it is trying to find a solution to the restart the system and make it work properly. the seriousness of this problem is that this hospital is a centre dedicated to testing COVID-19. The hospital is considered to be one of the world's largest Laboratories in the Czech Republic dedicated to finding solutions on the pandemic that is affecting the world today. On the other hand, it is not known if the computer attack affected the hospital's ability to carry out still on the COVID-19 test.

So far, statistics have shown that 117 people have tested positive for coronavirus. And the testing capabilities of hospitals position themselves as a necessity to prevent the spread of this disease. Faced with the opportunism of hackers, the founder and CEO of the specialist company OutThink, Flavius Plesu, notes: "In times of crisis, hackers see opportunities. In times of risk, security teams need to be particularly vigilant and understand that the risk of a cyberattack is much higher than usual, as hackers try to take advantage of tired and overworked staff to act. ».

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