The influence of the Internet of Things on the transformation of it security for industrial enterprises

The influence of the Internet of Things on the transformation of it security for industrial enterprises

October 31, 2020 Off By admin

The recent study by cybersecurity giant Kaspersky found that 55% of industry organizations believe that the Internet of Things will change the security approach of industrial control systems in some way.

For some time now, the shift towards much more digitization has been observed on the industry side. The Internet of Things play a big role in this transformation.

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The 2020 edition of Kaspersky's annual report, "State of Industrial Cybersecurity in the Age of Digitization," explains that 20% of companies prioritize the Internet of Things, especially over the various residents who are connected. This presents in a sense that we know that security solutions for connected objects are not yet widespread.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that has significantly slowed this transformation, the industry sector is moving towards large-scale digitization. According to a study by McKinsey and Company, 90% of professionals in the manufacturing and supply chain industry in their project recruit several people being experts in the field of digitization. The same study highlighted the fact that industries that had already begun their digitization process are increasingly confident about the drawbacks of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the development of digitization projects, the risks inherent in the Internet of Things have been laid bare thanks to the industrial aspect of the thing. Those who push 20 percent of industrial enterprises have given significant interest to the devices of the Internet of Things and cyberattacks of which they may be victims. As a result, 15% of companies fear data exfiltrations, while another 15% are preparing for supply chain attacks. To do this, the involvement of security professionals and what is most recommended. Half of the companies surveyed in Kaspersky's study said that by the end of 2020, the goal of IT teams would be to protect operating technologies.

Kaspersky's report also states that all the industrial companies surveyed say they are not ready to deal with the various threats to the Internet of Things. This is reflected in practice by the small number of companies that have set up an active monitoring system for their computer network and traffic. Only 14% have adopted detection solutions to observe and detect anomalies in their computer network

"When industrial companies implement connected devices and smart systems, they must ensure that they have the same level of protection requirements. To achieve this, protection must be taken into account at the beginning of a project. IoT devices must be secured in their core to prevent any attempt to attack them. With the protection of traffic and other technologies, the entire network is secure from conception and protected from cyber risks," commented KasperskyOS' head of business unit, Grigory Sizov.

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