Kaspersky and the smartphone you can't hack

Kaspersky and the smartphone you can't hack

December 19, 2020 Off By admin

Recently, the first head of the cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky had announced the development of a smartphone that would be, according to these words "impossible to hack".

The initiative appears to be part of the accusation against european society for espionage. Putting before, the famous ideals of security and privacy, which made its popularity in the beginning.

Indeed we can say with certainty the image that the computer security company represents is no longer quality before. Accused on several occasions of being involved in a cyber espionage case, the company was banned from several U.S. federal agency systems. There are allegations that the security expert has repeatedly helped websites spy on users.

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But this does not have the ambitions of Russian society. Indeed, it continues to diversify these activities. Its mission remains the same, to secure computer systems around the world. His recent project is the implementation of a mobile operating system that has been initiated since 2019: "Kaspersky OS", although the official name has not yet been provided by the company. The idea, of course, is to be able to offer a set of mobile devices that are sufficiently invulnerable to computer attacks.

The project is simple. Provide a smart phone that is limited in terms of functionality, but powerful enough to ensure good computer security. We will have to wait until 2021 to see perhaps appear on the market the first tablets and smartphones. As described by the president of the Russian company, the phone will be quite minimalist in terms of functionality. In the beginning, we should expect a lack of an app store. Although over time this might be possible.

"There will be minimal features, and a design inspired by both Android and iOS. But this smartphone will not do any other special tasks. This device can make calls and send SMS of course, there will be a suite office, its own internet browser with a minimal set of features, and a standard set of applications such as an alarm, a calculator, etc."

"Our goal is to create a secure smartphone, which would be virtually impossible to hack, to handle secret and confidential information for both state agents and businesses, in addition to managing infrastructure," Kaspersky says.

For the first generation we should expect The Kaspersky operating system. However in the security company's projects, it is possible to launch, another secure smartphone but this time android in addition to its own operating system. "Imagine, with a swipe of the finger, the user passes the phone over our secure operating system to take control of the turbine of the power plant, for example. In this mode, there will be no Google Play services, nothing of the sort. But it's just a dream." According to Kaspersky's director. He later added: "We'll see, after all, a lot of people move with two phones. If there was a need for our phone to change operating systems – we'd do it that way."

For the release of Kaspersky smartphones, a Chinese player to intervene in the manufacturing chain. His name has not yet been released.

To some extent, the launch of a smartphone like this could be part of rehabilitating Kaspersky's name. And of course even the media talk about it. Beyond the design of this smartphone, the company is diversifying. The company would work on secure online voting systems, on the production of anti-drone solutions for example, etc.

In any case, one thing will have to be sure of, the international environment does not make things easier for society.Especially since the antivirus has been banned in several administrations including British, American and French. This represents a significant loss of more than 25 percent, in the United States alone, not to mention that its growth in Western Europe has been significantly slowed.

On the company's website, Eugene Kaspersky highlights the company's effort to diversify so in a video available on his website "we are not just an antivirus and software firm, we are also now also a company that manufactures hardware and sometimes this hardware is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated.

Asked about the aggressive attitude of the United States in the context of a trade war, the CEO of Kaspersky who did not hesitate to talk about the Chinese company

"[Huawei et Kaspersky]are the words of the same song. In the case of Huawei as in ours, there is no evidence, nothin[d’un quelconque méfait]g, zero," points out Eugene Kaspersky.

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