The 5G and the security issue

The 5G and the security issue

December 17, 2019 Off By admin

If there's one of the most anticipated things for 2020, it's the deployment of 5G mobile technology.

The usefulness is already imagined and planned by computer programs whose complexity and sensitivity requires such delicate technology. However, we must not forget the major challenge of this long-awaited deployment. Questions are being asked about the ability of this technology to withstand computer attacks. "5G networks will be prime targets in cyber warfare, there is no doubt about that," says Christophe Auberger, technical director of the French IT security company Fortinet.

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He will also add that 5G is a "security by design" system, which includes the fact that the technology has been secure since its inception "which was not the case in previous generations," he explains.

With the 5G mobile network, "everything is there to have better security," explained Laurent Boutet of F5 Networks says. He argues that this technology will be based on the cohabitation of several elements of use through the same network system, not to mention the use of very appropriate software for each operator. This operation will make it easy to detect vulnerabilities and various security vulnerabilities that could arise because, operator will discover a vulnerability, this will automatically report to others.

Moreover, it is a deficiency if there is a disability, because it is too early to say, it will be twice as large as that of 4G. It is then that we remember the concern expressed by Guillaume Poupard, the first head of the national agency for security of information systems (ANSSI): "If there is no more network, no more communications, whole systems will no longer be able to function because they will not be able to talk to each other." We realize then that the future of many companies depends on this technology, but with 5G technology "we seek to protect ourselves from people who want to destroy" as Mr. Poupard says.

Given what is known about the performance of 5G technology, it is one should expect a significant reduction response time to MS. "She will be able to cover an area of one square kilometre and 10,000 to 1,000,000 objects Connected. That's 100 times what we're able to do today Christophe Auberger stressed. Nevertheless, the leader in 5G technology is the Huawei Group. Fact that is not to everyone's taste because this company arouses doubt regarding the safety of these equipment. Perhaps it is for this reason that the Chinese group has been banned from the U.S. territory for business espionage.

In addition, Guillaume Poupard explains that in: "In 5G, it is necessary to protect both the network core and the antennas, because they become full of computers and smarter (…) There will be much more security than in the networks before, but on a system more complex in the end, with a much larger attacking surface. I will not bet to say that 5G will be inherently more robust."

In the face of this challenge, of course, we will have to remain permanently on guard against any change of direction and change of direction.

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