The Clearview AI case in the United States. Victim or accused?

The Clearview AI case in the United States. Victim or accused?

February 28, 2020 Off By admin

The firm specializing in the provision of facial recognition had to bring to the attention of its customers that: "A hacker obtained unauthorized access to the entire list of our customers. ».

However, it is it would appear that they were unable to access this server and therefore could not sensitive data because the fault would have been discovered in time and clogged.

As such, no one is really safe from potential computer hacking especially not Clearview Al. But the company is still trying to limit the damage. She assured that the hacker was not able to access the information that was used in his relationship with his customers.

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What exactly do we know about Clearview AI? According to the Discoveries of the New York Times, it is a company that deals with about 600 U.S. agencies. It essentially provides them with a solution identify individuals in relation to the intended objective. These are the most generally regal institutions, which are responsible for enforcing the law.

Unfortunately, this problem of computer hacking does not will only exacerbate the problem that the American public had with regard to the Clearview AI. For example, we remember that at the beginning of February, the American Union for Civil Freedom had tried to to highlight a form of exaggeration that society would show in this regard its results and effectiveness. We know, for example, that recognition company collects these images on the internet with a database of data with more than 3 billion photos, it correlates all these images collected with others from video surveillance systems. some it becomes easier to identify certain people wanted by Authorities.

As mentioned above, the company will then make its solution available to law enforcement in a re-umeration. As a result, the intrusion that has been suffered is beginning to cast some doubt on the the latter in view of the sensitivity of its relationship with the regal institutions. "Safety is Clearview's top priority. Unfortunately, data breaches are part of life 21st century. Our servers have never been accessed. We have corrected the and we continue to work to strengthen our security." explains Tor Ekeland, one of Clearview AI's lawyers.

Currently it should be noted that on the side of the facial recognition company, not everything is rosy. Indeed, since it was discovered by Buzzfeed news that she had tried to deal with states not favored by the U.S. government, several public institutions have turned against her. The state of New Jersey has even banned its law enforcement from using its services. In addition, several digital platforms, mostly social networks, have expressed their refusal to collect images through their Spaces. Illinois residents filed a class action lawsuit for non-compliance with applicable laws.

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