COVID-19 and Telework: a safety issue for experts

COVID-19 and Telework: a safety issue for experts

March 20, 2020 Off By admin

Telework today has become something very widespread since the explosion of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

The vast majority of employers have decided to opt for this remote work measure. But as we know, the downsides do exist to that. Because remote work means the use of digital tools. Digital tool means computer security. In this context, technicians and experts in the field will be most in demand, not to say that they already are.

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Several structures involved in the cybersecurity sector have mentioned a very important fact since the beginning of the pandemic. Demand for security benefits computer science has increased considerably. "In 24 hours, we saw a up to 65% in the number of business calls for advice. noted Bryan Chiasson, My Blue Umbrella's sales manager, a Toronto-based cybersecurity firm.

If this seems to be a good deal for these computer security specialists, the fact remains that pressure is getting bigger and greater on their shoulders. Especially this context containment that makes the work a little more difficult than before. "And that's goes through a lot of strategies to enable their employees to working remotely," notes My Blue Umbrella's sales manager. "Because giving someone a computer doesn't mean they can work anywhere, data protection needs to be taken into account," Al-Karim Esmail, the director of operations.

Cybersecurity companies will have a great time do these days. In addition to ensuring the usual security work computer science. They must also help businesses and entrepreneurs put in place a set of security systems and tools to make it easier telecommuting. We will then talk about firewalls and VPN services. Their role essential in this short time. It even seems that they have become the cybersecurity doctors. "I would really say that our technicians are front-line workers for our customers right now, as they help to make their businesses survive.if you're severely ill, you call 911. If your business is in real danger, you call a consultant," notes Al-Karim Esmail, Director of Operations of My Blue Umbrella.

Some cybersecurity companies such as my Blue Umbrella have 50% more work. "The biggest companies that call us is to know if they will survive all this… Will they be there next week? explained the Director of Operations. For his part, the head of Simon Strantza says: "It's a very busy time. the people don't know exactly how it works, they just know they are going to have to work from home, so we have to explain to them what we can do to help them (…) Now, more than ever, we need to be present for our customers, so that they can not only continue to operate work, but also do it safely. ».

This craze around computer security firms clearly shows that many companies understood the public institutions were not really prepared for full-time telework. A positive aspect of the coronavirus that will have exposed the failure of our systems on several levels.

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