Project Zero team finds security flaws in MacOs

Project Zero team finds security flaws in MacOs

September 1, 2019 Off By admin

in the category of security flaw discovered we're still on the side Apple's iPhone and Mac maker

Cybersecurity researchers at US giant Google recently published a discovery about a vulnerability affecting Apple MacOs products.

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Since the launch of the $1 million Bounty bug, the Google Project Zero is not at its first flaw discovery. The recent discovery by Google researchers is categorized as severe security flaws. Google of course communicated it to Apple, before making it public, which did not take care to find a security fix. Something that seems rather strange and irresponsible on the part of the iPhone manufacturer.

Note that this is the goal of Google's Project Zero researchers and to find security vulnerabilities of the Zero-days types, flaws that do not have not yet been discovered, and security fixes have not yet been implemented.

The flaw discovered on Apple's Mac OS infects its XNU core. The problem would be related to its copy-on-write functionality translated into English by Copy On Write (COW), serving to optimize the performance of RAM, this feature allows to make copies of the sharing resources of different processors. But, its implementation in Mac OS is what allowed it to break into the system to make original changes. In other words, a hacker can use this security vulnerability to reach any file, modify it or even destroy it without alerting the terminal's primary user.

the Google researchers have been able to inform Apple of the vulnerability for 90 days Right now. After this delay given to the U.S. firm to resolve its they decided to make it public to inform users additional security arrangements.

In spite of everything, MacOs manufacturer has yet to produce anything as a security patch. However, it has been announced that Apple and Google will work together in the joint research framework to find out at this security breach, a corrective. This collaboration may soon lead to the publication of the security patches.

however several provisions are recommended for Mac OS users. As not not allow anyone to physically access their terminal, prevent any questionable connectivity, whether via Bluetooth wifi yet USB stick or USB phone connection.

Lately, the reputation of Apple's devices has been increasingly affected. Vulnerabilities are discovered day after day. The advantage in all this is that it allows the firm to guard against the failures of its machines. However, the time it takes the American giant to fix its security flaws is a real problem. Do we really have to trust the devices with the apple brand devices? The rest will tell us, for the time being users of the Apple brand are asked to be very vigilant and never delay before updating their terminals. In all, Project Zero researchers discovered 12 security flaws affecting Apple devices with 5 vulnerability chains.

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