A Super Virus Against Apple Devices

A Super Virus Against Apple Devices

September 1, 2019 Off By admin

Google researchers have discovered a new virus that can infect your mobile phone with a click on an infected digital platform.

Simply visit the site and if you have an iPhone, or a Mac, this phone will be corrupted immediately and your data will be at the mercy of the virus.

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that geolocation, photos, messages or other personal data this virus provides access to all the contents of your terminal without limit.

It's August 29th, that is, the day before yesterday, that Google researchers published the existence of this virus that they had just discovered. According to the researchers this virus particularly infects Apple devices. From the moment access to the terminal in question, it identifies 14 faults at the same time as safety in the programs that make up these machines. It's totally surprising that this could have gone unnoticed for so long. Indeed, The Google researchers claim that this virus has been around for 2 years now.

It is true that Apple had fixed some security flaws that came into account the effects of the virus. Prior to this correction, the virus was effective all this time. At the time, we could not protect ourselves from the impacts of this virus. Today, even though some patches have been activated, other vulnerabilities remain, still allowing users of this virus to attack Apple devices.

One of the peculiarities of this malware, that it allows to decipher the messages intercepted via conversations engaged by messaging software such as WhatsApp iMessage or GMail. One of the most dangerous features is that it allows access to messages stored in the phone.

Dangerous because the messages stored in the phone are unprotected and often concern fairly personal information. It also allowed hackers to access the geolocation of the infected device, the telephone directory, the photo and video gallery. Some data guessed then easy to steal such as login data or bank identifiers for example.

The advantage is that this virus can be eliminated by simply restarting its infected terminal. However it is also very discreet, others reinfected each time they visited websites infected with the same virus.

at the question of how many people could have been infected with virus, a security expert says that an entire population would have may have been infected with the virus. Because in addition to being very discreet, he was easily usable and was used much more during these 2 years. one There are then hundreds of millions of people among the most Apple devices.

the websites that were used to spread the virus were discovered by Google researchers who undertook to carry out a clean-up with the help of the authorities. Meanwhile, he refuses to say what these sites, locations and their theme. What they have notified is that it is generally a matter of a well-defined community of people.

The researchers decided to look much more closely at the complexity of the malware in terms of its design. Because it obviously presents some Contrasts. In addition to operating as sophisticated software that tackles a secure system, with equal ease, we realize that the simple restart of the terminal destroys it, which kills the beauty of the work.

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