Netflix would have committed computer hacking?

Netflix would have committed computer hacking?

October 21, 2019 Off By admin

Various communication channels described as "official" in the summer, it would seem hacked by the multimedia platform Netflix for the promotion of its flagship series entitled "Casa de Papel".

Apparently this wave of hacking did not go unnoticed, since it was their intention. Of course, it involved various actors and structures. From the station's advertising surfaces to local press platforms, everyone would have been touched by netflix's unusual marketing partner.

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The Casa de Papel series is a hit series we know. Since season 2, exactly so, this series has had a lot and a lot of fans who appreciated and liked the content proposed by the American firm. So the latter wanted to put the package for the release of season 3.

So for this promotion, several local dailies were flooded by irregular images and videos with the aim of creating a mystery around of the next series to come. The advertising pages of daily newspapers were also hacked to try to imitate the plot of the film a little. the fetters TV shows have also had their fill. On the advertising sign side, several of them have been hacked, such as the one that displays the advertisement of a domino pizza seller during which he had interference as a result of which the images of the "professor" iconic character of the series and his famous message from the call for help.

But after several investigations, it would appear that this hacking was not really something illegal. Indeed, according to tf1, all this wave of operations and pseudo-hacking of advertising brands a major operation that resulted from an active cooperation between Netflix and various advertising agencies including that of TF1. This is where we are informed that when hacking is a matter of advertising persistence, it is that it can be the source of cooperation between the various players involved. It would be called "retinal persistence."

And we see in practice that stations such as the Paris station and the Lyon station were also hacked in this story. Something that would be quite difficult in practice. Especially since the advertising agencies in these stations (Remind-PHD and Ubi Bene) did not use the speakers dedicated to advertising screens, but instead used those used for the station's activities directly. This further highlighted the idea of piracy. Again, messages from the professor were broadcast in view of all those present at these stations.

Several screens in this story have been used to make the promotion of this series. One can then imagine the financial cost of such a advertising campaign because it seems clear that the negotiations have not been the most laborious.

But overall the partnership that led to this wave of computer hacking promotion, will benefit everyone. indeed the brands that have allowed themselves to be hacked for the advertising of the series that is already famous, will also enjoy a publicity stunt taking into account the popularity that it will generate. This is called an inter-branded partnership. In this case everyone wins and everyone has surely won because the series was once again a success.

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