Nokia tops mobile security updates

Nokia tops mobile security updates

October 8, 2019 Off By admin

And today, considered to be the leader in software update and security in the smartphone industry.

It has been reported that since 2018, 96% of Nokia-branded mobiles that have been sold, operate on Android pie. What doesn't ship the system natively have all received updates allowing them to actually run Android pie.

In the latest report from the research company Counterpoint Research titled "Software and Security Updates: What that smartphones lack," it was mentioned: "We are convinced that device manufacturers should redouble their efforts to provide regular software and security updates to the their users. With the exception of Nokia and Lenovo, performance other manufacturers of devices were found to be poor. he it should be pointed out that today's consumers are beginning to retain longer their smartphones."

While we all know that changing continuously smartphone costs much more, Nokia is one of those few companies that can keep longer their products therefore spend less. The key question today is about security updates. Because if the smartphone is efficient with effective security, consumers will only do so enjoy a little longer. In addition, all mobile manufacturers neglecting the aspect of updates security will see customers diverted to other brands inevitably. Counterpoint's Director of Research Research, Peter Richardson said: "Operating system and security updates on Android-powered smartphones are one of the aspects that hold back relatively little attention. Based on our own experience, we have seen very few brands really take an interest in it. In addition, the fact that manufacturers don't talk about it, consumer awareness is growing also found to be very low. In fact, there is little information on the updates among the ten most important things that must make up the features of a smartphone and which consumers care about the most (…) It is therefore not surprising that the major manufacturers are not deploying very little effort when it is necessary to implement updates operating system and device safety, and this is what how much it is even an element of the utmost importance on a smartphone. At this level, it should be pointed out that most key features, including battery life, processor, camera and memory, are directly related to the performance of the camera underlying operating system. A regular update improves significantly experience the consumer. ».

The study conducted by Peter Richardson's firm to determine the performance of smartphones which has located us on Nokia's leadership in this area. Tarun Pathak, Vice-Director, gives more details: "Of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers, nearly 96% of Nokia smartphones, sold cumulatively since the third quarter of 2018, already run Android Pie or have been updated to run on Android Pie. Samsung follows closely with 89%, while Xiaomi follows suit with 84%. It should be noted that Xiaomi has succeeded in ensure the launch, at an affordable price, of its products while at the very least equipping the latest version of Android (…) Many factors play a key role in ensuring greater regularity in terms of software updates. However, some brands have deployed a lot of more effort than others in order to succeed in reducing the time needed to get the latest version of Android on their smartphones. Only a few brands have made a real commitment to ensure that their smartphones can use the latest versions of the software operating operations. Nokia has been the most efficient and fastest brand to offer regular updates on as much as 94% of its portfolio in just one year after the launch of the latest version of the Android. »

Undoubtedly, Nokia is indeed the leader in smartphones in terms of software and security updates.

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