Hacker reveals profile of users of a neo-Nazi site after data leak

Hacker reveals profile of users of a neo-Nazi site after data leak

November 25, 2019 Off By admin

The profiles of users of the famous IronMarch forum, a site notoriously known as a neo-Nazi landmark, were leaked by the exploit of a mysterious hacker.

For one of the few times, a data leak that will please the authorities of several countries who can now have some information to start their hunting game.

That the world of the Internet also has its own vigilantes. The IronMarch forum is one of the most famous forums, which is known to bring together among these users, the most famous individuals of the internet regarding neo-Nazi doctrine.

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The data that has been disclosed is composed of extremely sensitive data in this case emails, IP addresses, private messages, and also usernames. This windfall has not failed to pass under the noses of several authorities who have begun to analyze this data, to get the most information. The idea is above all to clearly and clearly identify the people sought. The goal is to be able to link them to other websites, forums, or anything that will certainly unmask who they are there. Several judicial authorities are hunting for neo-Nazis.

The subject it must be admitted is quite sensitive. Indeed IronMarch, although it is a website not sufficiently known by the majority of Internet users, has not stopped collecting and gathering several movements neo-Nazis in recent years especially the most violent. some of his movements are known to have orchestrated several murders around the world. One of the most virulent references in recent years is the fact that Atomwaffen Division and its equivalent, SIEGE Culture.

It is known that the IronMarch site was launched autonomously from mid 2011, created by a Russian nationalist named Alexander Slavros. But the peculiarity of this forum and that it has remained for a long time in the shadow of other dating sites of neo-Nazi profiles like 4chan, Reddit, 8chan, Stormfront. Isolation that has been useful to its development, but also to its prosperity, because it has functioned differently than other forums and has managed to go unnoticed for a very long time without the competent authorities deigning to really care. During all these years, this forum has developed a certain culture tending to promote the violence of racism and murder, and all this directed to the extreme, something of course that was not tolerated on other forums.

Its members at the same time created in 2015 "Atomwaffen Division ", which was eventually classified by the authorities as a network of terrorists, because of various murders that were attributed to it. From this same forum a second group was born precisely in July 2017. Also in this extremist trend, this group calls itself SIEGE Culture, was very much inspired by the writings of a neo-Nazi author named James Mason.

From there, the media will begin to take an interest in this forum, which will eventually close in 2017 following a relentless public opinion. Some have even claimed that the site has closed on its own. Moreover, this sudden closure of the site did not prevent the hacker from collecting thousands of information relating to the profiles used. It is estimated to number 3,548 profiles made public.

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