"Before you click": a French company specializing in cybersecurity

"Before you click": a French company specializing in cybersecurity

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"Before clicking" it is not only a advice formula, it is also a company of French origin that specialized in the fight and prevention of computer security, especially for the phishing attempt also called phishing.

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she was created in 2017 in Rouen by 3 passionate cybersecurity also friends (Stephane Tabia, Carl Hernandez and Vivien Charlet). According to them, protecting themselves against phishing is the fight of the moment. Because: "You may install the best software and firewalls of the moment, if your employees are not aware of the dangers posed by e-mails your business will never be safe from risk," clarified Stéphane Tabia, one of the company's three co-founders.

one understands this approach because apart from attacks initiated by conventional computer viruses, a majority of cybercrimes have been carried out by sending fraudulent e-mail, where the human factor plays a significant role. « Whether they are clickable links that can later infect the network attempts to defraud the company, fraud of the president, there is always a human responsibility behind it," says Hernandez.

It is with this in mind that the idea came to them to create this platform, to ensure a certain awareness of companies and their employees, and to thwart all the most credible scenarios of phishing. "When people are notified, they are less likely to open attachments they shouldn't open, or to click on potentially dangerous links. And that is the whole point of our solution. First, we offer our clients a free audit phase, during which we send emails as could imagine them from mere hackers. When a collaborator clicks in this email, it is immediately redirected to a page that we have specially created and where we explain that the email in which the person has just clicked was potentially indelicate," says Stéphane Tabia.

he provides different ways of working according to the needs of their clients and the nature of their their difficulties. "We have the ability to explain to them why unconsciously they clicked when it shouldn't, " assured Carl Hernandez.

he It should be noted that "before clicking" has already participated in an event on the method to thwart phishing, an event organized by the ICC Normandy last June 2019.

The new push of French computer security already counts the room among its customers. They are promising and the ideas put forward by its founders seem to attract more and more prospects. To compete with the large existing firms already where it targets a particular area and does not seek competition. However, we wonder about the true experience of these new experts. Especially in the face of this increase in global cybercrime, which is developing new techniques every day.

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