What is a rootkit?

What is a rootkit?

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A rootkit is malware that hackers use on Linux, Unix, Windows or even on the computers of their victims' staff.

These are programs that are almost impossible to detect once installed on the terminal.

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The usefulness of the Rootkit is to allow its designer or user to have access to a computer system (system operating a PC or server) without the administrator's permission, with the total power to edit, destroy or even collate data Digital. It can also be used to add other files that were not step. Text files or other malware such as Trojan hair, a backdoor or a classic spyware.

It is simply note that the Rootkit is not malware, even if the use of it today is much more in that momentum. The Rootkit can also be used for a user or search engine for development purposes. he will be used in cases to ensure the proper functioning of a system. the monitoring software that is used to manage certain applications or servers, which are the nanny programs rely on rootkits for actions.

The malicious rootkits will be used in a purely criminal purpose. They are mostly cases set up by hackers (hacker and cracker) remote terminal from the moment it is online or, a remote terminal server Permanently. They use rootkit to infect the affected device, installing other malware such as keystroke recorders or backdoors to steal personal information, information bank data etc.

The installation of the rootkit

There are several steps to be followed before installing rootkit on a computer. The most common method is sending prelude to a Trojan horse that is hiding in a file via email or via installing a plug-in to gain access to a full page blank. Then the useful program a security flaw present in the server, either through an unprotected form or through a passage created by the database.

This protect against rootkits

To protect yourself from rootkits, what's the better than a good antivirus that you will constantly update. the Regular installation of security patches to help a lot. Because he it is not uncommon for information system manufacturers to discover themselves even continually flaws, to which they design security.

To protect you, the safer and more protector is to never open an unknown file, never download and install software or any other tire program not from the designer's official platform. Never allow the installation of plug-in from an unknown site. And finally, never use a basic data you don't have to control. Keep in mind that every action, even one innocuous click can install a rootkit and make your program ineffective protector

Detect a rootkit

There is software that can detect rootkits today. Some are free others paid. However you must admit that there are rootkits that no software can detect. The only way to get rid of it is to completely redo your operating system. Because that's the only way. So be vigilant.

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